Hard Beats, Harder Laughs: Why @mylothecat Is A "Slept-On" Gem On Social Media

Adam Schleichkorn played the long game

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What do you get when you combine one cute cat, hip-hop, and classic cartoon moments? A "street banger" of a social media account. 

Meet @mylothecat, an insanely creative Instagram account that showcases its love for cartoons along with classic 80s and 90s hip hop through creative editing mashups. Racking up over 330,000 followers so far, the account has fans vibing to timeless beats while laughing their asses off to rap lyrics that seamlessly fit in with each nostalgic cartoon character. The amazing mashups have caught the eyes of many hip-hop greats such as Styles P., Sheek Louch, Method Man, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Clark Kent & Just Blaze.

ONE37pm's Omari White was able to chat with Adam Schleichkorn—the owner and editing genius behind this account. Schleickorn is the perfect example of what it looks like to stick to your guns and believe in what you're creating. A two-time Webby Award nominee (he won in 2017), Schleichkorn's creative mindset helped him secure a freelance gig for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

Omari: So let's talk about the creative process behind these iconic mashups. How did the mashup of infusing classic hip-hop with classic cartoons happen?

Adam: To keep it brief, it's like that M.O.P, Burt & Ernie video know they came out in 2006 was the one for me. Like that was the one that like, I looked at that and I was like, I want to make videos like that. This should be the biggest video on YouTube. Anyone who doesn't recognize this. Like they don't know what they're talking about.

So for years, I tried kind of like make, you know, my version of that video basically until like I really got better and really kind of like made it my own and like did like my own kind of stuff. But that was my original inspiration. I never want to like discredit it because that's the one, you know like that was the one that really did it. But you know, when it comes to classic hip hop, it's like, that was my genre too. As the music industry was changing and as all this new hip hop was coming out, that was not my kind of stuff. I was like, no, I still like classic hip hop. Like I'm just sticking with my guns. And like, that's, that's what I'm doing. I just want to use the music that I like now.

How long does the process of editing and like actually posting these videos into it? Every one of them is different. You know, like when I first started this Instagram run like mad, they could have taken like 8-10 hours each. And now like maybe it's like five or six, maybe it's three or four, you know like they're all different. I kind of like, don't sit here and watch the clock. I just want to like, make sure I'm making something that's as good as possible.

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