The 15 Best SZA Lyrics to Live By

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SZA lyrics are far from what most listeners are used to; they're some of the most substantial and powerful that you'll find in the contemporary scene of music. SZA is a one-of-a-kind artist, and on this list, that'll be made readily apparent immediately. There are countless SZA lyrics that'll leave you thinking, but these 15 are some of the best out there. In no particular order, here are the 15 best SZA lyrics to live by.

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15. “Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark a blunt, let's start the Narcos off at episode one.”

Song: "Drew Barrymore"

One of the reasons that the world loves SZA lyrics is the down-to-earth nature of them. While sounding like a goddess on the record, she manages to humanize herself in such a way that most artists can't. SZA makes herself relatable for any one of her listeners, and this bar makes that so clear.

14. “How can I snooze and miss the moment? You just too important.”

Song: "Snooze"

Another major quality of SZA lyrics is that they are motivational. Take this bar, for instance. She talks about how she can't rationalize not taking action and seizing the moment. Not only that, she says it in a way that is purely poetic.

13. “'Cause I'm bettin' on me, me, me.”

Song: "Conceited"

As you'll see more and more of, SZA lyrics also have a tendency to be largely positive. SZA can gas herself up better than most, and this bar is yet another clear example of it.

12. “Pressure makes diamonds, can't fold, oh.”

Song: "Conceited"

Once again, SZA makes another motivational lyric about staying strong in even the worst circumstances. Pressure surely does make diamonds, and SZA is no stranger to pressure.

11. "Half of us chasin' fountains of youth and it's in the present now"

Song: "Good Days"

In this bit of SZA lyrics, the singer makes fans take a step back and think about the past, present, and future, like nobody else could. Time and time again, SZA is delivering thoughtful lyrics in the most poetic way possible.

10. "Can you distract me from all the disaster?"

Song: "Ghost In The Machine"

Another major quality of SZA lyrics is the romantic nature of them. She has an idealized lover in a lot of her lyrics, like this one, whom she's asking to save her from the turmoils of her life.

9. “Flying high and fearless baby, I've kissed death a thousand times before.”

Song: "Sweet November"

SZA has a way of making fearlessness feeling feasible that is largely unable to be reproduced by her competition in the music game. Take this lyric, for example. It's more than obvious that she means everything she's saying.

8. "Need you for the old me, need you for my sanity, need you to remind me where I come from."

Song: "Garden (Say It Like Dat)"

This is another example of the idealized romance that SZA writes about often. She has the idea of what perfect love means in her head, and she seamlessly puts it into lyrical form.

7. "Why I can't stay alone just by myself? Wish I was comfortable just with myself."

Song: "Supermodel"

Like we mentioned earlier in the article, SZA humanizes herself in a way that is relatable to just about any listener. In this bar, she asks the inherent questions that are on the minds of many, but once again in a way that most people can't say themselves.

6. "How you ain't say you was movin' forward? Honesty hurts when you're gettin' older."

Song: "20 Something"

Just like one of the standout words within this particular bit of SZA lyrics, honesty seems to be a big priority for SZA in her music making. She says difficult points in the most honest and succint ways.

5. "20 something, all alone still, not a thing in my name."

Song: "20 Something"

On yet another impressive bar from her hit, "20 Something," SZA drops another banger of a lyric, talking about the inherent main message of the song: loneliness and despair in her 20's, something countless people can relate to, while hiding it on a regular basis.

4. "Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?"

Song: "Drew Barrymore"

The second example of a bar from "Drew Barrymore" on this list, this lyric asks a question that is on the minds of many: "why is it so hard to accept the party is over?"

3. “Gotta get right, tryna free my mind before the end of the world.”

Song: "Good Days"

SZA not only talks about the difficult things that happen to her and around her, but she also talks of the solutions she has in mind, just like she does in this particular lyric from "Good Days." Not only is ironic, it feels honest regardless of the hyperbolized language.

2. “I'm immortalized in my thoughts.”

Song: "Used (feat. Don Toliver)"

This SZA lyric is insanely deep, yet it feels so simple to understand. Additionally, it's from a song with Don Toliver, which is safe to call a hit for virtually any music listener.

1. “Need less voices, just you and me, I need your touch, not your scrutiny.”

Song: "Gone Girl"

In "Gone Girl," SZA lays down some more intense examples of honesty. She puts it all out there, being vulnerable, while poetic all at the same time. Some of these themes we've discussed here are exactly what makes SZA stand out so very much as a lyricist. SZA lyrics just hit different, it's a simple truth.

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