Video Premiere: “Who Gon Please Me” by STVSH

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On “Who Gon Please Me,” STVSH states that he’s trying to show us some sh*t we’ve never seen. The emerging Brooklyn rapper proves his point with the newly released video for his most recent single. The artistically trippy visual, which premieres today, uniquely matches the mood of the Leek-produced track. 

A man on a mission, STVSH is committed to delivering his art in the most authentic way possible. That even applies to the timing of his music’s release. “The universe decides,” is how he sees it. And he’s totally okay with that.

Tired of waiting for the perfect moment, the “Sticky” rapper is now more focused on “put[ing] more trust into the process,” he says. “Being confident in myself and my decisions has been the biggest factor in the timing of this release, and I hope all the energy, passion, and patience we put into this masterpiece is received exactly how it’s meant to be.”

By knowing the vibes— and also following them— STVSH allowed the stars to align for his latest Know Keats-directed music video. “Usually I plan my videos out down to every detail, but “Who Gon Please Me” sort of planned itself.”

Now that his creative vision for  “Who Gon Please Me’s” has come to life, STVSH is on to the next. He reveals that his next project, which as of now is titled, NO MORE WISHIN, is “done and ready to go.” “I’m waiting on the universe for a release date,” he adds, when discussing the follow-up to his last project, 2020’s Live Fast Don’t Die Young.

“I’ve been preparing my whole life for this next chapter,” he says. “So my only request is that you keep your eyes peeled and always remember that everybody can eat! Just get your plates and line up with me!”

The black and white video for one of STVSH’s most popular songs (“WGPM” currently has almost 100,000 streams on Spotify alone) features references to a  G.O.A.T. video game, GoldenEye 007, as well as the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. Check out the litty video for STVSH’s “Who Gon Please Me” below.

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