Making Music Seems Easy For Southern Rapper Big Bratt

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Big Bratt is very early in her career, but is showing all of the tell-tale signs of an artist to pay attention to. According to her Spotify bio, she's just 17 years old, but her music and digital presence are way beyond her years. She just reportedly signed to Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, and it makes plenty of sense; she's got an awful lot of talent.

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Big Bratt is currently at a unique place in her career. A ton of traction on one platform, but it's yet to disperse across all mediums. We've covered a lot of talent like this, most recently JoeLew, as well as Bear1Boss, along with many others. These artists have a genuine buzz, but are at an in-between point. For listeners who love to be early on certified talent, this is exactly what you look for.

We've made artist discovery easy for our readers, and Big Bratt is no exception. As we've mentioned in prior pieces, there is no certain guarantees in life, or music, for that matter. However, when we see the right signs, it's our duty to tell you who to keep an eye on. Big Bratt fits that bill to a T.

Hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, you can sense the southern influence in her music. At this point in time, southern rap is ruling the airwaves: Atlanta, Memphis, Texas, Florida, the list goes on. While it's still super early for her, Big Bratt has plenty of music for aspiring fans to listen to. If you do choose to listen, we don't even have to sell you on why. Big Bratt's music has got it covered.

It's not very often you come across artists like Big Bratt. If you're looking for a sense of music authority at work, with your friends, or wherever else, there are few things better suited to impress than an awareness of up-and-comers.

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