Buba100x Is Helping Lead the New Age of Hip-Hop Content

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Based in the Bronx, Buba100x has contributed heavily to the shift in music coverage on YouTube. Different from the typical question and answer format, his comfort level with artists outdoes virtually everybody else in the game. Similar to his friend Noticuz, Buba100x has built quite the impressive following on YouTube, along with other socials.

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Though his account was created in 2015, Buba100x started releasing videos just two years ago. If you pay attention to every element of the content, you'll notice plenty of gradual changes that he's implemented, from improving thumbnail images to overall video concepts. He's come a long way in just two years. Now, he's at the forefront of this new approach to music journalism.

Just like we mentioned in our profile of Noticuz, this format to music journalism is a fresh take on something that's been pretty redundant to date. It's refreshing to see creators innovating in this area, especially when it makes you laugh, too.

Some of Buba100x's top videos include his content with Asian Doll, Bizzy Banks, DD Osama, Sugarhill DDot, Bobby Shmurda, Fivio Foreign, BLovee, Dougie B, and many more of today's top New York-centric talents.

Buba100x is a natural entertainer, and the cast of characters he keeps with him (like his girlfriend Rella and his homie Noticuz) keep his content amusing as ever. In this day and age, music and the content surrounding it are evolving more than ever. Bubba100x is a prime example of exactly what works nowadays. His approach is proven, and as a result, his social presence is growing by the day. Take a look at his content for yourself in the link below.

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