Introducing Dc2Trill, the Texan Rap Phenom

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Hailing from Port Arthur, Texas, Dc2Trill has come a very long way since his very first release 8 years ago on Soundcloud, "Pass Around." In the time since that initial release, Dc2Trill has built quite the sturdy foundation for success. Like a handful of the other of the up-and-comers we've written about, Dc2Trill has managed to separate himself from the pack. Thing is, he's different from anybody else we've covered.

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If you're a fan of Lil Yachty, then you've likely come across Dc2Trill in one way or another. The rapper is one of the few who Lil Yachty selected to be a member of his new label, Concrete Boys.

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It all started when Dc linked with JBan$2Turnt, a rapper who was already working with Yachty at the time. Weeks after meeting on Instagram, JBan$ said Yachty wanted to connect with him too. The day they exchanged numbers, Dc2Trill jumped on Yachty's live, where Yachty would initially co-sign him. Dc2Trill featured on Yachty's song "Lord of the Beans," the video of which featured both rappers (and others) getting Concrete Boys tattooed on their torsos during a studio session. This would go on to be one of many collaborations between the two.

On top of his work with Yachty and their Concrete Boys cohorts, Dc2Trill has worked with other rappers like CEO Trayle, Rio Da Yung Og, Rmc Mike, Zelly Ocho, and Some of our favorites include "With the K" (feat., "Flawless Victory" (feat. Rio Da Yung Og and Rmc Mike), as well as solo songs like "Show Me the Money" and "Adventure Time." Check out this remarkable talent for yourself below.

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