Mudbaby Ru Is Rapping His Way to Success

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On Instagram last week, a video surfaced of Mudbaby Ru freestyling, and let's just say this: the man can RAP. Seriously, he makes it look easy throughout the video, but as many of you know, this is no easy feat.

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This viral moment made us stop for a moment and consider taking a deeper look at the emerging talent. Upon seeing his Spotify for the first time, the top performing track, "Gun Class," was an immediate attention-grabber. The song boasts over 80,000 streams, which surely contributed to his monthly listeners nearing the mark of 30,000. The next obvious fan-favorite is his song, "40 Sum Reasons," which gives an even deeper look at the depths of his talent.

Additionally, he's dropped four more singles: "How I'm Living," "Mud Flow, Vol. 2," "Nardo Flow," and "Thank You Shawn," all of which have been released in 2022. This level of quality from the start is hard to find, and it's quite exciting to consider where his sound will be by the time 2023 comes around.

Just as it's not ordinary to have an artist be this skilled from the conception of their music career, it's similarly rare to be this early on them. We assure you, while this is very early for Mudbaby Ru, you can be certain that he's worth listening to. We can't guarantee who will blow up and who won't, but we can guarantee that Mudbaby Ru has plenty of important eyes on him, especially on the heels of his notable freestyle that hit the social media airwaves recently.

If you fancy yourself a hip-hop fan, and you're looking for new talent to listen to in your spare time, then look no further. Mudbaby Ru is exactly who you're looking for. Take a listen to his latest drop, "Thank You Shawn," in the link below.

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