Poloboy Nunu Is Far From Your Average Rapper

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Hailing from Brentwood, Indiana, Poloboy Nunu is one of the most exciting rappers emerging from the midwest. Poloboy's talent has taken him far already, but for anybody who's hip to him, they know this is merely just the start.

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If you were to take a look at Poloboy Nunu's Spotify right now, you'd see all of the surefire signs of an artist who's soon-to-blow. While his top song, "Come Outside," is a clear top-performer (2.5 million), the other nine songs in his top ten have been accumulating a healthy amount of streams simultaneously. On top of that, Poloboy Nunu is at over 50,000 monthly listeners -- which is sure to only grow from here. He's been dropping music since 2019, and a whole lot of it, too. This expansive catalog gives you a thorough look into the life of Nunu: the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Poloboy Nunu has released five projects so far: Rookie of the Year (2019), Blank Check Kid (2020), Brentwood (2020), Never Leave Naptown (2021), and Quiana Baby (2022). Each album boasts nine or more songs, with a mere four artists featuring on five total songs (of the seventy-one tracks across his albums). These four artists are Peezy, R5 Homixide, NipscoGang Foreign (two songs), and Head Hancho. It's often overlooked how difficult this type of feat is. Most rappers have a feature on every other song, which lightens the workload and help on the marketing side of things, but not Poloboy. He's built a notably sturdy footing completely off of his own strength and vision.

It's still very early for Poloboy Nunu, but it seems as if he's graduated to the next chapter of his impressive career. This young talent has quite the future in store, just watch.

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