Say Hello to ThotTwat, Hip-Hop's Fastest Growing Duo

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If you're a fan of A$AP Rocky or his creative brand AWGE, there's a good chance you've already heard of ThotTwat, the duo he signed last year. For those who haven't heard, we're about to put you on to one of the greatest emerging acts out right now.

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Made up of two artists, Thoto and IcyTwat, ThotTwat is a group with a budding fanbase and plenty of notable experience under their belt. They've already performed at multiple Rolling Loud sets, which is already impressive, but even more so considering the fact that they were all nested in A$AP Rocky's sets in Miami and New York.

Thoto and Rocky go way back; if you paid attention to the incident in Sweden a few years ago, you might even recognize him. Thoto was one of the few people that was locked up in Sweden with Rocky, and was released after the president called on Sweden to let the group go. How many up-and-coming artists do you know who've had a president call for their release in a foreign country? Exactly. He's been coming up for a while now, but it seems the dots are really starting to connect for him. Look at Thoto run into Nicolas Nuvan (a TikTok curator we've covered) at a local bodega in Harlem. He loops in IcyTwat on FaceTime, and lo and behold, people down the block told Nicolas moments prior that they were streaming their music.

IcyTwat is a familiar name to music fans with a history on SoundCloud. Even on Reddit and other similar social media platforms, a buzz has been brewing since the early days of his career. He doesn't just have fans, he has super-fans who listen to his music all day. Fans who worship him and his wildly unusual sound.

An initial member of the Richmond, VA-based rap group Divine Council, IcyTwat proved that we was way more than that with his copious solo work in the time since. Now, he's back and better than ever in a group format. IcyTwat actually just dropped a brand new project off this week, and it slaps.

Thoto is a Harlem native and IcyTwat is from Chicago. Their two urban sounds aren't merely 'urban' because labels call it that; this pairing of unique sound is what city life sounds like. It's hectic, it's loud, it's confident, it's everything that this era of hip-hop needs.

Just last week, they performed the very last song at A$AP Rocky's Rolling Loud NYC set before it was cut short. In standard ThotTwat fashion, they initiated chaos. Here's a look:

Remember the initial pandemonium surrounding Playboi Carti around the time he dropped "Magnolia"? Well, expect something of the same nature with this dynamic duo. Their aesthetic fits that bill, yet nobody could label them "Carti clones." It's not everyday you come across stars like this, so do your due diligence and take a deeper look. You'll be thanking us later. Here's their debut single, "SHIRT."

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