Sammy Arriaga Is Not a Typical Country Star

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Sammy Arriaga is a country artist with a significantly different background than most of his competitors. Born in Miami with Cuban heritage, Sammy lives in Nashville, where he makes music fueled by his eclectic roots. At just 29 years old, he's come a long way.

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Today, he unveiled a brand new music video for his song "Gonna Sound Country," and it's good enough to turn a country music hater into a dedicated country super-fan.

Regardless of if you check social media or DSPs when you start diving deep into an artist, you're bound to be impressed by Sammy Arriaga's digital presence.

Almost all of Sammy's top 10 songs on Spotify are at over 1 million streams, with his top 2 totaling over 10 million on that one platform alone. Something tells us that these numbers are nothing compared to where his numbers are headed. With a sturdy foundation of followers across socials, the stage has been set for his career; yet, Sammy only continues to build. Currently, the Miami-born talent is at nearly 400k followers on TikTok, 85k on Instagram, and 43k on Twitter, along with 20k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

On top of an already-impressive web2 presence, Sammy has been paving a path towards a very bright future through web3. To date, he's sold over 6,000 music NFTs, and he's not stopping anytime soon. Rarely do you come across artists who are this adaptive to what's happening now; it's usually a struggle for artists to stay up to speed on the digital side while they focus on their music. In this case, Sammy Arriaga is putting on a clinic for artists of all kinds, showing just how effective great music, proper social media strategy, and a budding web3 presence can be for creatives.

When discovering talent, the pool you're selecting from is usually divided between artists with great music and artists with great marketing. Sammy Arriaga has both.

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