Durand Jones and the Indications: Retro Sound in the Modern Age

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If you were lucky enough to stumble upon Durand Jones and the Indications by now, you've probably noticed they sound like they're from the 60's. The band has listeners doing a double take when noticing the dates attached to their timeless work.

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Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, this noteworthy group is composed of five members: Durand Jones (of course), Aaron Frazer, Blake Rhein, Steve Okonski, and Michael Isvara Montgomery. Each component of the group brings a unique quality to their cohesive sound.

Durand Jones and the Indications have three studio albums they've released to date: Durand Jones and the Indications (2018), American Love Call (2019), and Private Space (2021). Within these projects you'll find some timeless tracks, including standout singles like "Is It Any Wonder?," "Witchoo," "Ride or Die," "Crusin to the Park," "Sea Gets Hotter," "Don't You Know," "The Way That I Do," "Love Will Work It Out," and "Smile."

The band is currently catering to over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, which is a clear testament to their incredibly loyal fanbase. On top of that feat, the group has charted on Billboard's Adult Alternative Airplay charts, with "Witchoo" landing the 22nd spot. Additionally, their album Private Space charted on the Billboard 200, finding a peak spot of 127th.

All numbers and statistics aside, this group is very special sonically. It's not common to find artists that quite literally bring you back to the past, yet Durand Jones and the Indications does so in such an obvious way. Despite knowing the legends that came before them in this area of music, it still feels comfortable acknowledging that this band could compete with the best of them. Now or 50 years ago.

On top of that, the group is clearly heavily interested in music, and genuinely so. Their playlist of inspiration at the top of their Spotify profile is yet another gold mine of quality records on their page. There you can find hundreds of track that influences and inspires the band. Coolest part is that there's no minimum following they look for in an artist, it's all about the music. That's the exact messaging the music they create delivers, as well.

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