Zack Slime Premieres Music Video for "Turn Me Cold"

ONE37pm caught up with the Atlanta rapper ahead of the single release.

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Zack Slime

Atlanta artist Zack Slime is releasing the official music video for his single “Turn Me Cold” featuring Unfoonk today through ONE37pm. Zack has been on a roll this year, dropping the videos for “Real Steppers,” his collaboration with Slimelife Shawty in April, and the single “Back And Forth” in May. The ATL rapper has also become known for his growing social media presence, amassing 48K and counting on Instagram, and over 4,000 subscribers on YouTube. Zack joined Monday to Monday host Mike Boyd ahead of the release for an exclusive interview to talk about the inspiration behind this video, working with Unfoonk, and what we can expect from him in the near future.

The “Turn Me Cold” video is a poignant reflection of Zack’s life and a tribute to his close friend Rudy, whom he considered a brother. “It’s really about my life and things that have happened like losing my little brother Rudy,” he tells Boyd before detailing a little more about their relationship. “It was close to home. Rudy and I didn’t have the same mother and father, but we were brothers, and I have his name tatted on my shoulder.” Though Unfoonk didn’t get the opportunity to meet Rudy in person, it was still important to Zack that he be featured on both the track and video. “We were in the studio, and I did the hook and told Unfoonk to get on the song because I know what he has been through too. We shot the video on Cleveland Avenue, and it was a pretty quick shoot actually!”

After talking more with Boyd about the video, ONE37pm’s Aaron “Don” Dukes joins in on the conversation asking Zack about his childhood and how he has stayed motivated to make music through the pandemic. “I grew up on Atlanta’s Cleveland Avenue down the street from Mt Zion, and I have been rhyming and freestyling since I was young. As far as staying motivated through the pandemic, I’ve got to do it for my loved ones that I’ve lost and can’t go hard with. That’s what keeps me going!”

Don ends the interview asking Zack about his future goals, and who influences him musically. “I want people to know that I am talented. You can’t really play with me, and people are going to see that in the future. As far as my influences—my brothers around me that make music inspire me. Thug motivates me a lot too to be great because we come from the same place. So that is what I pull from.”

You can watch the full video for “Turn Me Cold” above, and follow Zack Slime on Instagram.

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