Bushidos Unveils Partnership with The Sandbox To Bring Samurai Pop Art to the Metaverse

Bushidos / Loveleen Kaur (ONE37pm)

Eight clans of storytelling samurai, the Bushidos, much like their name’s sake, is steeped in profound lore spanning centuries. Bushidos is an NFT project launched during the NFT bull run of august 2021.

Now, Bushidos are expanding their brand and community in the metaverse. The highly anticipated collection is coming to The Sandbox Marketplace on July 26th (3pm utc).

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How Did Bushidos Start?

Initially a PFP (Profile Picture) project, Bushidos was created by Jeremy Booth to kickstart his dream. It has since morphed into the centerpiece of a multimedia blockchain company—one with machinations of spreading its message across all forms of media. The complete set of Bushidos consists of four different NFTs. Each NFT carries its own power, from a mint pass to exclusive access to events or discord channels.


The Sashimonos, a set of motivational banners inspired by the flags worn by samurai into battle. Each corresponds to one of the eight righteous principles: justice, courage, compassion, respect, sincerity, honor, loyalty, and self-control. Also, a first free mint that gave holders a 48-hour premier window to purchase their Bushidos.


The original collection, Bushidos, is an image PFP of a samurai Kabuto (Helmet) and Men-yuri (face mask). It is the most easily recognizable.


The Daito is a collection of  swords in various rarity levels for the Bushido and Ronin. Inspired by the ancestral swords given to them to fight the evil ruler, many of the Daitos were destroyed during the seppuku event that created the Ronin.


The Ronin is a collection of technologically advanced warriors, all of whom are a product of a Bushidos Sacrifice. At the same time, different than the Bushidos, the Ronin continues to play their part in the Scifi storyline.

Partnerships Heating Up the Blockchain

Through their collaboration with Macroverse comics, holders are able to pitch story ideas for a chance to have their Bushido or Ronin appear on the digital pages of NFT comics in the coming year. They are working with seven different comic artists and will be releasing two series in the fall. The main story expands the core lore of the Bushidos and anthology series. You can find more info on those comics here.

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Along with that is the partnership with Sandbox. Bushidos will release thirty different assets to the sandbox marketplace on July 26th. There will be a free claim for holders (snapshot already taken) to show appreciation for holding a piece of the bushidoverse collection. Bushidos owns two sandbox land parcels. 

Blowing Past The Competition

Jeremy said the biggest reason for their desire to partner with the Sandbox is a dream of gamification. So much of the competition, such as Decenterland, is viewed as a great place to network but not play. Unlike The Sandbox, where not only do they provide the tools to give power back to the creators, they also have a history of creating community and giving people a place to play. The voxel-based NFT platform, while not as decentralized as some others, strives to return ownership to both the creators and the consumers.

Another fundamental reason stated was to develop a sandbox experience that visually feels like the comics. So the player can follow along through a similar atmosphere and go on a metaverse journey through the Bushidoverse.

An Epic-Logue

I’m best when I’m building.

- Jeremy Booth

Throughout most of his early years, as an avid artist, he had heard you must have your own style to succeed. That is how Jeremy found a connection with his current art style. It was a near-perfect blend of simplicity and control that let him deliver the images companies, and collectors wanted. That led to multi-national gigs from the US to the EU and back. He worked with companies ranging from amazon to entertainment weekly. Eventually, that landed him with Coinbase, where he would learn about the life-changing potential of NFTs.

I asked Jeremy what message he wanted to deliver to the people about Bushidos and NFTs. He said, “I would like people to know we aren’t hype machines. I’m best when I’m building.”

It is funny because Musashi Miyamoto once said, “Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.” It doesn’t take much to realize Jeremy and his team are building something meant to stand the test of time. I believe once you dive into their content and immerse yourself in the lore, you will discover a world unlike any other in the NFT space. 

Bonus Alpha: Jeremy Booth will be dropping a free mint project named Benchwarmers soon. It could be a great way to start collecting his art. Definitely worth a look. You can find them on Twitter.

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