Hangout Hawks: Scaled Business Consulting via an NFT

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Web3.0 and the NFT space is still confusing for many. At surface level, it seems as though you’re just collecting virtual jpegs with no real utility. Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT project VeeFriends has been a staple in the Web3 space, distancing itself as a premier NFT project. A huge reason for the growth is the utility that each of these NFTs hold.

Purchasers of VeeFriends NFTs are granted tickets to the annual ‘Veecon’, a business conference hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium and featured speakers like Pharrell Williams, Huda Kattan, & Beeple. In addition to receiving tickets to VeeCon, certain VeeFriend characters offer access to other experiences and opportunities. Owning a ‘Facetime Fly’ will give you an opportunity to facetime with Gary for five minutes, a ‘Courtside Cat’ lets you sit courtside with Gary at a New York Knicks game once per year, and Gift Goats get 6 gifts per year until 2024, with the next gift being a meetup in Atlanta with Gary & Shaquille O’Neal.

One NFT that has an invaluable amount of utility is the ‘Hangout Hawk’. This is everything you need to know about the Hangout Hawk VeeFriend and why it’s such a powerful tool.

What Is A Hangout Hawk?

There are 10,255 total NFT’s in VeeFriends Series 1, with 125 Hangout Hawk tokens in circulation. Holding a Hangout Hawk will give you access to five, 60 minute virtual hangout Q&A sessions per year with Gary through 2024. These sessions usually revolve around entrepreneurial advice, with Gary giving guidance about how to navigate the business world and building a brand in general. 

Gary has created a well-established brand around entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with the hustle of business. He has documented his journey from starting Vaynermedia in 2009, building one of the largest multimedia agencies in just over a decade's time. He was an early investor in Uber, Twitter, and Coinbase, showing a clear understanding of how technology drives consumer behavior. 

On November 10th, Hangout Hawk holders got together for the first ever Q&A session. This session revolved around Gary releasing exclusive information around the future of VeeFriends and the space in general. This was still when VeeFriends was in its early stages with the project only being a few months old at the time. Now the sessions usually revolve around people asking Gary business questions, but there are no set parameters for what can be discussed in these sessions. 

The Hangout Hawk holders are getting together for their 6th overall meeting Thursday, October 6th, with nine other meetings left to go. The NFT space is still relatively young, and people are still formulating how to add valuable utility. A conversation with a premier entrepreneur may not be something you can physically hold, but the value it adds is invaluable. This is a practical and effective way that NFT’s can be used to create genuine utility for holders, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more projects offer experiences like this in the future.

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