Like Nastya's Genesis NFT Project is Dropping Today

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Like Nastya Originals

One of the most recognizable and successful Youtubers in the whole world is a 7-year-old girl. Originally hailing from Russia but now residing in Florida, Nastya operates the single-most viewed channel owned by a Youtuber. Across all of her main channels on the platform, she boasts a cumulative subscriber count of 220 million, in addition to 5 million on TikTok. Her main channel is the fifth most-viewed channel on Youtube.

Simply put, Nastya's popularity can't be understated. Her channel features travel videos, gift un-boxings and a wide array of other lifestyle videos featuring the world-famous vlogger and her family. The numbers don't lie; people love her.

Unlike any years before it, 2021 has been unique because of one of the major avenues by which influencers have been able to connect with their fanbases: NFTs. By incorporating corresponding utility and access into NFT projects, collectors can attain tangible bonuses from their purchases.

The young Nastya is getting into the game with a 3-tiered NFT collection, entitled: "Like Nastya Originals." Her genesis project dropped today, August 24th at 9am ET through Bitski.

The first tier will allow for unlimited mints for a week following the drop (tomorrow) and will be comprised of 6 lettered tokens—and a surprise token for those who collect all 6.

Tier 2 includes a bunch of different forms of engagement including a Happy Birthday message from Nastya or a follow/DM mention from the vlogger herself.

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Like Nastya Originals

Then there's going to be an ultra rare 1 of 1, which will only be available via auction. As the rarest of all the tokens, this one comes jam-packed with bonuses. The collector of the final token will receive a custom video, a live Zoom call and a slew toys and memorabilia.

The tiered system of Nastya's drop allows collectors of all levels to get in on the project; whether you want to join the community with the third tier of tokens or go all out for the rarest of them all, there's an offering for everyone.

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