August 24's NF3 Recap: BAYC, Curio Cards and DeadFellaz

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

The past week or so of NFTs has been one of the most intense and packed in recent memory. With announcements from Bored Ape Yacht Club, DeadFellaz and numerous floor sweeps and major price increases occurring across the board, there's a lot to dive into. Here are three big moments from the last day or so, and some other stuff to watch throughout the week. And check out the last NF3 update from August 19th.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club Announcement

With a floor of 35 ETH, BAYC has firmly cemented itself as one of the hottest projects in the entire NFT art space. At this point, literally every move they make sends waves through the community.

They made a rather cryptic announcement earlier today about the next phase of their collection, which appears to be "Mutant Ape Yacht Club." Their last phase was the Bored Ape Kennel Club, which also saw huge numbers on Open Sea in recent weeks.

Although there aren't a ton of specifics surrounding the announcement yet, it's safe to say that Saturday will be a good day to pay attention to.

2. DeadFellaz Announcement

Ok so I suppose this isn't an announcement as much as it is an announcement of an impending announcement. Despite a still relatively low floor price, DeadFellaz has built a very strong community over the past few weeks.

Part of what I love about DeadFellaz is how the creators intend to give collectors immense ownership over their avatars and what they do with them. Here's a quick blurb from their site:

"For community, the love of art, and to be part of the evolution of gamification and IP use within the NFT space. We hope to drive this project to empower our holders to utilise the IP of their Deadfella to their full advantage."

No concrete updates today, but keep your eyes tuned to their Twitter for the announcement tomorrow.

3. Curio Cards Getting Hot

Yesterday, Christie's NFT guy Noah Davis announced that the house would be auctioning a lot of 30 Curio Cards on October 1st. For those who don't know, Curio Cards is considered to be the first Art NFT project on Ethereum, and predates both CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties.

Since the announcement, the floor has risen from roughly .3 to close to 1 ETH, and seems to still be trending upwards. We'll see what happens as we approach the auction.

Other cool stuff:

Art Blocks continues to be one of the most interesting projects to watch in the space.

The floors for all of the projects under the AB umbrella continue to rise, and yesterday they announced their curated drop for this Fridayโ€”they do a drop weekly.

The team behind The Hundreds has been gearing up for an NFT drop for quite some time, and it seems like we might actually be approaching the drop date.

Hop in the discord to stay up to date. No exact timeline is available yet, but the hype is real.

The RTFKT Studios team has been hinting at a few projects. They're being pretty cryptic, but they've launched some incredible projects/collabs over the past few months and were early in the space back in March, so definitely something to keep your eyes on.

They also announced an avatar project back in July and now seem to revealing some imagery from it. Probably nothing, right?

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