August 31's NF3 Recap: Loot, Adam Bomb Squad and Dotdotdots

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The final day of the month is shaping up to be a big one in the world of NFTs. In this edition of NF3, we'd like to address two extremely hyped projects in the space, and one relative sleeper—with some very cool art—that's been picking up traction on OpenSea. If you're just tuning in, make sure to check out the last edition of NF3.

This article does not constitute formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

1. Adam Bomb Squad Reveal Tonight at 9pm PST

The Adam Bomb Squad team revealed in their Discord channel that they would finally reveal the meta data and artwork for each bomb on Tuesday, August 31st, 4 days after the initial drop. In the days between, they've been hard at work conducting giveaways and continuing to build up the already massive community around the project.

Although the floor for the project peaked near .5 ETH in the days since the launch, tonight is when it all really starts. We'll finally be able to see all of the bombs and determine which iterations are the most valuable; this is just the beginning.

2. Loot (for Adventurers) is an Insanely Cool NFT Experiment

Ultimately, all NFT projects are just meta data and a list of attributes. That's the genius of Loot. Rather than attempting to put different characteristics into an image of some sort, the team behind Loot just gives you the list. "Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use Loot in any way you want."

Third party apps have emerged to create digital renderings of your Loot, but these are supplemental. The generic nature of the tokens has encouraged numerous creators to create renditions of their text in more artistic forms. The project encourages artistic expression. The floor for the project has eclipsed 3 ETH on OpenSea and seems to still be trending upwards. After all, what are NFTs if not just lists?

3. A Sleeper: Dotdotdots

dotdotdot 4342 owned by Logan Larkin

There are so many projects released every single day that it becomes difficult to include everything interesting in this recap. Once in a while, something emerges from the fray. At this time, there is almost no info about Dotdotdots, except for a cryptic OpenSea description and the artwork.

The art, which seems to take inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki and other classic anime artwork, speaks for itself. We wanted to include it in this list simply because of how beautiful the artwork is, and collectors seem to be responding. Dotdotdots were up to mint today for .05 ETH directly from the contract, and the initial run of 4360 dotdotdots sold out. Don't sleep on the little guy.

Other cool stuff:

This project MekaVerse has built such an insane amount of hype in a mere few days with almost no information surrounding the collection.

I think most of the followers, like myself, were wowed by the art style and excited about the prospect of a mech-based NFT project, as mechs are one of the most beloved pieces of technology in all of sci-fi. Launch date seems to be somewhere in late September.

The official Christie's twitter account finally announced the sale of a full set of Curio Cards during their October 1st sale, entitled, "Post-War to Present."

Every day, more celebrities and athletes get the NFT fever. A personal favorite of mine is this tweet from Javale McGee, who appears to be getting in the game.

Welcome to the game Javale.

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