Sept. 30th's NF3: Christie's Post-War to Present, MekaVerse and CrypToadz

I don't want to speak too soon, but it seems as though we are beginning to emerge from the bear market that has encompassed so much of the past few weeks. There have been a couple major mints this week, in addition to increased secondary market traction from consistently successful collections. Additionally, one of the most important NFT auctions of all time, Christie's Post-War to Present, will be taking place tomorrow morning, marking a watershed moment in the trajectory of the integration of NFTs into the traditional art world.

If you're just tuning into NF3, check out our last edition.

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1. Christie's Post-War to Present Auction Begins Tomorrow Morning

2. The MekaVerse is Minting This Weekend

3. Cryptoadz Floor Surpasses 6.5 ETH

Other cool stuff:

TheHeartProject had a pretty drawn-out, potentially mismanaged reveal earlier this week, but the results are a nice indicator of the potential of an artistically valid project, even if all of the mechanics don't operate seamlessly.

The reveal ended up taking over 24 hours, but the floor price has fluctuated around .3 ETH through it all, demonstrating the staying power of a project with incredible art and a committed community.

This is, quite simply, going to bang so hard.

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