Sept. 30th's NF3: Christie's Post-War to Present, MekaVerse and CrypToadz

I don't want to speak too soon, but it seems as though we are beginning to emerge from the bear market that has encompassed so much of the past few weeks. There have been a couple major mints this week, in addition to increased secondary market traction from consistently successful collections. Additionally, one of the most important NFT auctions of all time, Christie's Post-War to Present, will be taking place tomorrow morning, marking a watershed moment in the trajectory of the integration of NFTs into the traditional art world.

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1. Christie's Post-War to Present Auction Begins Tomorrow Morning

Hot off the conclusion of its No Time Like Present sale, which featured works from BAYC and CryptoPunks, Christie's is back with another auction featuring NFTs. The auction, entitled Post-War to Present, is broken up into two sections: Post-War to Present and Post-War to Present: The NFTs.

The latter includes a full set of Curio Cards in addition to a collection from Art Blocks Curated selection, featuring full sets from projects 1, 2 and 3-31. Despite this being the section with "NFTs" in the title, the traditional art section also includes reference to NFTs.

The traditional art selection, which includes works from the likes of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama and more, also features the work of none other than Gary Vaynerchuk. Five physical versions of the drawings that make up the foundation of the VeeFriends NFT project will be auctioned off alongside the world-renowned art pieces; each drawing is authenticated by PSA.

Although there have been numerous NFTs auctioned off by major houses already, this particular auction marks a revolutionary moment in the NFT timeline, as these projects are being auctioned off as pieces of high art. Rather than feeling like an addendum to other collections, the NFTs in these two selections are being treated as historically significant art pieces from the post-war era—comparable to the likes of legendary painters.

2. The MekaVerse is Minting This Weekend

It's difficult to think of another project that has built as much hype on as little actual info as the MekaVerse. That's not meant as a dig; the artwork we've seen so far is absolutely phenomenal and certainly deserving of the recognition it has garnered so far.

As of right now, the launch is set for "October 2nd-3rd" and will take the form of a raffle. This is the info we have from the team so far:

"We're going to have raffles!

You will arrive on a beautifully designed landing page on launch day to register for a ticket. Once you've obtained your tickets, you'll be required to wait in a random queue where you may be chosen in order to mint a Meka. The probability of getting chosen will be determined by the amount of individuals that register for a ticket on launch day.

With this method, there will be no Gas War! We will provide you with further information on the drop before the launch and in the days ahead.

You can register for a maximum amount of two Mekas per individual. If you want to mint one, it is also an option.

We will create an animated explainer video that will teach you exactly what you need to do to successfully mint a Meka! Keep an eye out for that!"

If you're interested in staying on top of the project, follow along in their Discord for the most up to date information.

3. Cryptoadz Floor Surpasses 6.5 ETH

This isn't a piece of news per se, but more of an overall indicator of the market moving in the right direction. CrypToadz is a project primarily built on vibes, so seeing its continued success is an interesting case study for the NFT world writ large. The floor has come back to earth a bit following its earth-shattering highs of the past few days, but the project has a lot of the factors that make an NFT project successful: high amount of owners compared to overall items, consistent volume, major sales and well-known collectors.

We'll have to continue to watch the project to await any actual definitive news moments, but for now, its soaring floor price is news in and of itself.

Other cool stuff:

TheHeartProject had a pretty drawn-out, potentially mismanaged reveal earlier this week, but the results are a nice indicator of the potential of an artistically valid project, even if all of the mechanics don't operate seamlessly.

The reveal ended up taking over 24 hours, but the floor price has fluctuated around .3 ETH through it all, demonstrating the staying power of a project with incredible art and a committed community.

This is, quite simply, going to bang so hard.

Loopify's anticipated Treeverse project has been consistently leaking more visuals, and the artwork we've seen so far is absolutely fire. Keep an eye on the Treeverse Twitter and Loopify's personal for more updates.

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