NFT Fest Australia Reflects on Successful IRL Inaugural Year, Shares Goals for the Future

The web3 festival down under packed crowds and lifted moods

NFT Fest Australia

NFT Festivals have become a popular way for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to come together and celebrate IRL. From New York to Paris, these events have been held in cities all over the globe, showcasing the latest and greatest in web3 art and technology.

The newly established NFT Fest Australia is unique in its own right. Led by co-founders Greg Oakford and Richelle Cox, it's the first major NFT Festival in the continent, setting the tone and direction for the Australian NFT community.

ONE37pm sat down with Oakford for an inside look on what it was like building the web3 festival, how the first year went, and what he hopes for the years to come.

Opening morning
Opening Morning / NFT Fest Australia
Nouns panel
Nouns Panel / NFT Fest Australia

How It Started

NFT Fest started as a community event in 2021 and blew up.

Oakford says it was necessary to turn the community event into a full blown festival to foster a real web3 community within Australia.

"We wanted to shine a spotlight on a country that historically punches above its weight in many areas," Oakford said. "1,000 people attended the two-day event that features a speaker line-up that rivals the calibre of nearly any other NFT/web3 conference globally."

An Engaged, Tight-Knit Community

Prior to the event, the organizers of NFT Fest Australia announced that a significant proportion of the ticket revenue from the two-day conference would be given back to the speakers.

A staggering 50% of ticket revenue was allocated to the speakers, making NFT Fest Australia one of the most generous events of its kind. This bold move demonstrates the organizers' dedication to not only showcasing the best and brightest in the NFT space all over the world, but also supporting and uplifting those who contribute to its growth and success.

This gesture also serves as a reminder of the tight-knit and supportive nature of the NFT community, as well as NFT Fest Australia's commitment to fostering collaboration and inclusivity.

"On top of the conference being held at the beautiful Alex Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne, we had events such as barefoot bowls, an official afterparty and a recovery brunch," Oakford said. "This was to create more opportunity for attendees to develop meaningful relationships."

Despite a downturn in the crypto market, the attendees and speakers at NFT Fest maintained an unwavering sense of excitement and possibility.

The NFT and web3 community in Australia that has stuck around during the bear market are some of the most enthusiastic people you’ll meet. They choose optimism whilst many are choosing the path of doom and gloom.

- Greg Oakford, Co-Founder of NFT Fest Australia

Notable virtual speakers included Kevin Rose of PROOF Collective and Moonbirds, Betty from Deadfellaz, Zeneca from Zen Academy.

Notable in-person speakers included Kieran Warwick of Illuvium, Voltura of Psychedelics Anonymous, and DCL Blogger of The Meta Key.

The Future of NFT Fest Australia

With a strong foundation in place, it's likely that NFT Fest Australia will continue to lead the way in the coming years, attracting top speakers and showcasing the most innovative and influential projects in the NFT space.

"We’re a content led event and put a premium on people learning and connecting," Oakford. "We think this will be a watershed event that attendees will look back fondly upon over the next 5-10 years."

Follow NFT Fest on Twitter and visit its official website here to stay updated on future announcements.

Co Founders Greg Oakford and Richelle Cox
Co-founders Greg Oakford and Richelle Cox / NFT Fest Australia
The Vault room
NFT Fest Australia
After party with The Crypto Bubble performing
Afterparty with The Crypto Bubble Performing / NFT Fest Australia
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