PGA Tour Teams Up With ‘Autograph’: Golf And NFTs

Hannah Scherwatzky / Autograph

The PGA announced a multi-year deal with the NFT platform ‘Autograph’. The platform ‘Autograph’ has made plenty of noise since its launch, and that’s because Tampa Bay Buccaneers legendary quarterback Tom Brady is a founding member. Here is what the PGA is looking to get out of the new deal. 

What is Autograph?

The most premier name in golf, Tiger Woods, has been associated with the platform since 2021. In September of that year, Woods signed on to drop a 10,000 NFT project using his likeness via the Autograph platform.

Other notable athletes such as Tony Hawk, Simone Biles, and Derek Jeter. Autograph allows fans to invest in their favorite players via web3 technology. Certain NFTs carry significant utility, such as getting to interact with the athlete your NFT is associated with.

How Will It Work?

Per a report by Sportico, the PGA will use video archives and player data to generate NFTs around different members of the PGA Tour. The PGA has announced that all money generated from the partnership will go directly back into the players pockets.

This is a great move for the PGA Tour, who have been under intense scrutiny to pay players more amidst the new LIV Tour poaching some of its premier players.

The NFTs on Autographs platform are a closed market. You will not be able to resell or buy any of these NFTs on marketplaces like Open Sea, but will instead be exclusive to Autographs marketplace.

The project is currently aiming to launch sometime in early 2023.

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