Prentiss and The Heart Project Drop NFT Music Video

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So far in Prentiss' career, the 15 year-old phenom has done more than most kids his age, to say the least. The Mississippi teen has emerged as a top Hyperpop artist at a remarkably young age, and is building an extensive resume as he grows his following of super-fans. Even well-established celebrities are becoming fans of Prentiss, like Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Meghan Trainor, and even Mark Hoppus from Blink-182. Today, Prentiss is making his ONE37pm debut for his "running back" NFT drop with Aidan Cullen and the rest of The Heart Project's team.

"running back" is a Y2K-produced banger from Prentiss' debut EP, 'hey prentiss', and the video somehow found a way to level up this already-fire release. We asked Prentiss what his favorite thing was about the song:

Y2K’s production is gas. He started with just the guitar, then it turned into this song with a cool build up. He sampled my voice and used it in the beat, which came out so crazy!

- Prentiss

To take it one step further, The Heart Project worked closely with Prentiss to premiere the video as an NFT. The 125-unit NFT collection is being sold at .125 eth each via, and is proving to be another differentiating factor that sets Prentiss apart from his peers.

The planning process surely played a role in this incredible video's production. Apparently, the whole video was devised in The Heart Project's Discord, on a livestream. When we asked Prentiss about his experience collaborating with The Heart Project, he had this to say:

Honestly, it was fire. I had a lot of input on the creative and the treatment because we worked on it in the Discord with The Heart Project’s community. I was feeding off ideas they had, and they were feeding off ideas Aidan and I had.

- Prentiss

In the video, the stage is set in a dream. Prentiss starts off singing while resting his head on a mushroom. The plot quickly thickens, and next thing you know, Prentiss is being chased in a digital world by a massive puppy, only to be woken up by Benny Blanco to make sure he's on time for school.

Whether you choose to take a deeper look at the music, video, or NFT element of the release, you're bound to notice the meticulous efforts put in by Prentiss and The Heart Project, which has made "running back" and 'hey prentiss' a drop to remember. If you're new to the 15-year old creative, here's your chance to get hip.

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