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In today’s world, many children turn to unregulated social platforms to consume content and even learn from it. Although platforms like TikTok and YouTube are very entertaining, the content produced isn’t always kid-friendly nor is it considered to be a kid-safe environment. 

That’s why Encantos aims to provide a safe platform whose main goal is to help kids to learn.

What is Encantos?

Encantos is a creator platform on the blockchain that is empowering creators who want to help kids learn. Encantos allow creators to build, own, and monetize their intellectual property (IP).

Furthermore, the creators producing the content for these popular social platforms are underpaid. So, the idea with Encantos is to take all the engaging and exciting ways of helping kids learn, structuring them in a kid-safe environment, and allowing the creators to make money from their hard work.

The Encantos brand was created by Latino Co-Founders Susie and Steven who are both extremely passionate about what they can do to help kids learn while supporting the creators but also hold diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation close to their core.

Their goal is to make learning for kids more interesting and bring different voices into the curriculum and make sure that all kids can easily relate to what’s being taught. 

This includes 21st-century skills which aren’t taught much in today's school curriculum. 

Things like critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration as well as life skills like adaptability, grit, resilience, and empathy which parents want their children to learn, but can be difficult to find in the current school system. Also, let's not forget about the new literacies like financial, media, and environmental literacy.

The main goal of Encantos is to continue educating children when the school day ends, but in a fun and interactive way that kids will enjoy and seek to learn more from.

How does Web3 play a role in Encantos?

Encantos has always been based on the idea that teaching isn’t only for teachers. Many people all over the world are great creators who also have great ideas to help kids learn.

Before web3, the only place where creators could produce this kind of useful content was on platforms that own the relationship to the audience and that paid creators on an ad or engagement-based payout model.

NFTs enable creators to establish and own their intellectual property, create a direct relationship with fans, accrue value, and take control of their creative future. Encantos lets creators mint on our platform.

They are proving the promise by launching their first NFT collection, Canticos Club, from their co-founder and Chief Story Officer, Susie.

Susie created Canticos, the number one bilingual preschool brand, 6 years ago and it has become a global property with millions of devoted fans. This first NFT collection features 10,000 generative NFTs of one of the brand's favorite characters, Kiki chickie.

This helps them to earn more tokens which are used to tip creators, and develop other kinds of rewards and incentives for kids to keep them on a fun and engaging learning trajectory.

Overall, web3 creates new opportunities for business models that are beneficial to the creators, as well as serve the families and kids who are consuming the content. With that being said, NFTs play a role in the web3 world of Encantos also.

How do NFT's unlock potential for creators?

The Encantos NFT project is based on the Canticos brand which has been developed over the past 6 years and is the number one bilingual pre-school brand. Canticos can be seen on popular platforms like Nick Jr. and Amazon Prime. The first NFT drop features 10,000 generative NFTs of a character from Canticos, named Kiki.

This NFT project is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is how all the initial creators for the platform are being established. These NFTs allow creators to introduce their IP and to monetize at the outset so they can take some of their earnings from the NFTs to build their IP into content for kids.

Additionally, the NFTs allow the creators to have a direct relationship with the audience and to potentially make a living from their work.

Anyone can apply to become a creator on the Encantos platform.  Once approved, creators will have access to tools to help develop and monetize their content

Some things they look for when deciding if a creator would be a good fit for Encantos include having educational and entertaining content that teaches and which kids enjoy consuming.

One of the greatest aspects offered by Encantos is their analytical data. This data is used to help creators understand what works well, which characters consumers respond best to, where consumers are spending the most time, and what kids are learning from the content. Ultimately, the data is used to provide a better resource for children to learn from.

While the Canticos Club NFT launch is exciting for its art, collectibility, and utility, Encantos is much bigger than the average NFT project.

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