Meet Elric and Frida: Creators of the Rebel Society NFT Project

Rebel Society

It's not often that you see an NFT project that is led by a husband and wife duo whose focus is on empowering women and helping them to plant their roots in the NFT space. That is, until now.

What is the Rebel Society?

Rebel Society is an NFT collection of limited edition female characters created from hand-illustrated elements in celebration of badass women. Owning a Rebel Society NFT gives you access to exclusive perks such as giveaways, voting rights, plus future drops and collaborations.

The Rebel Society NFT collection was created by a husband and wife duo, Elric and Frida. Both of them are passionate about social equality and hope to do their part using the Rebel Society project as their foundation.

Frida and Elric have a background in design and project management, making them the perfect fit for this project. Also, they are assisted by an amazing team in their Discord server.

Why is the Rebel Society project important?

Rebel Society is a special project because it stands for all the women who have been discriminated against for centuries. The Rebel Society collection is a modern take inspired by women who went against the demands and expectations of society.

Through the Rebel Society project, Frida and Elric's aim is to help other female artists get started in the NFT and Web3 space.

This help comes in the form of sponsorships and assistance with the cost associated with minting an NFT. Since this collection already sold out, this initiative is currently in effect.

Rebel Society Initiative (RSI)

As stated in the Rebel Society roadmap, once 50 percent of the project was been minted, Rebel Society began what they call the Rebel Society Initiative (RSI).

The RSI uses a portion of the funds collected from sales to sponsor new female artists on the blockchain. These artists are chosen by the community and team through a voting process.

The main goal of the RSI is to lower the barrier of entry for women who are interested in getting started in the NFT space.

Rebel Double Giveback (RDG)

Upon complete sellout of the collection, the roadmap also mentions the Rebel Double Giveback (RDG).

The RDG is another way that the Rebel Society is giving back to females in the space by allocating some of the royalties earned from secondary sales to purchase NFTs from other projects that share a similar objective and have a clear message of women’s empowerment.

These NFTs are raffled off to Rebel Society NFT holders monthly in a transparent draw, the more Rebels you hold, the better your odds are of winning.

Overall, the Rebel Society NFT project exists to give women a voice in the NFT space and help female artists with the onboarding process into the NFT space. This assistance comes in the form of the Rebel Society Initiative and the Rebel Double Giveback.

You can learn more about the Rebel Society NFT project by visiting their Discord and seeing what they’ve been up to on Twitter and Instagram.

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