World of Women NFT Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Hannah Scherwatzky / World of Women/ @magdylan

World of Women (WoW), an NFT project that has seen immense success since its inception, is celebrating its first year anniversary.

On July 27th, 2021, artist Yam Karkai founded the female-centric project that would bring diversity and representation to the Web3 space.

WoW was created to shed light on female artists in the NFT space. Their initiative is to give back to the Web3 world by increasing diversity and educating the next generation of project creators.

The initial July 2021 drop was a hit and struck a vein within the Web3 stratosphere. Taking advantage of their positive momentum, WoW released a new collection called World of Women Galaxy which was released in early 2022.

Karkai and her crew created more revenue with WoW Galaxy drop than any other project had in 2022 at the time of its release. This allowed their community to grow further, with more than 13,300 unique holders.

Influencers and Celebrities Love World of Women

Prominent public figures in and out of the Web3 space have shown their support and appreciation for WoW. Reese Witherspoon, Gary Vee, Logan Paul, Snoop Dogg and Sofia Vergara amongst many others have purchased WoW art. Pop star Madonna also performed to bring awareness to the project.

WoWing the World Through Charity

WoW is extremely proud of the work they have done with the recently created WoWsphere: a project filled with strategic partnerships to harp on their core values of diversity and inclusion. Christie's Auction House helped sell a World of Women NFT alongside artwork from Pablo Picasso and Franz Marc. Other opportunities have been realized by partnering with toy brand Jazwares, musical artist Kenra Jae, and Billboard Magazine.

Perhaps most importantly, charity within the WoWsphere has made positive strides with a variety of philanthropic efforts. Large contributions have been made to funds for women and girls, emergency funds, climate change initiatives as well as others. It's incredible what WoW has done with the voice they've created for themselves.

This Calls for a Celebration

The World of Women team went live with the world on Twitch earlier today to recap the past year and speak to supporters. While it was a celebration of the project's 1st birthday, team members spent time thanking their inspiring community.

Additionally, new apparel was installed in the my-wow section of the website for NFT holders. A purple outfit was created for all World of Women Galaxy holders, while a gold one was made for drip holders. At this rate, there should be much more to celebrate for World of Women when their second anniversary rolls around!

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