As Seen On TikTok: Baken-Ets' Spicy Beat Is Stuck in Our Heads

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G. Tucker

Who doesn’t love a good snack? But when it comes to snacking, we all have our different preferences and "moods." If you happen to be in the mood for tons of flavor and crunch (and when aren't you?), look no further than Baken-Ets fried pork skins. Delicious with a savory crunchy texture, they've got you covered with four unbeatable specialty varieties: Hot 'N Spicy, Traditional, Queso and Flamin' Hot.

Each pork rind (also known as chicharrones) is fried and seasoned with zesty flavors, making it our go-to snack any time of the day. Which is why we teamed up with a bunch of snack-savvy TikTok creators to show us exactly how they "Crunch to the Beat" with Baken-ets.

Chandler and Alexis

The cheesy and fiery flavor combo of Queso, followed by Flamin' Hot Baken-Ets inspires these two to show off their best salsa dancing moves. Talk about turning up the heat.

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Miss Bedhead

Miss Bedhead wakes up her taste buds with a mixture of Hot 'N Spicy and Traditional flavors. If a snack can make you shimmy, you know it's delicious.

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Dad and Boujee

Dad and Boujee certainly needs all snacks on deck with four active children. This dad's got every flavor for every single one of his moods (and dance moves).

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James and Caleigha

We can't help but relate to James and Caleigha. She's not hungry when James brings out the Flamin' Hot flavor, but can't help herself as soon as he leaves 'em unattended.

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Beauty of the Foodie

This skilled chef and foodie loves two things: the Traditional flavor of Baken-Ets and showing off how many different ways she can crunch.

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Irene Kim

TikToker Ireneykim is the snack queen, so of course we had to get her input. She rates every flavor and has a few fun crunching tricks up her sleeve.

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