Every Marvel Villain of the MCU, Ranked from Worst to Best

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We've got a confession that we've been wanting to make for a while—we love supervillains, and we expect you love them too which is why you're here. Whether you love, hate, or hate to love em, movie villains are what gives films that extra je ne sais quoi so to speak. They add the the spice, flavor, and intensity to the film's storyline, and movies wouldn't be the same without them. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's quite a few villains that have captured our attention (we're specifically speaking to the movies here), and we've had some new additions over the past several months.

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So how about we have a little bit of fun and rank them? We've put together a list of all the movie villains in the MCU. Maybe at some point we'll explore the Disney+ series and comics, but for now we're keeping it to the films. Check it out below.

40. Ronan the Accuser

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  • Appeared In: Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan's kind of an interesting fella. He gets way too get caught up in his own personal power trip to say the least. Then again, if you happened to encounter an orb that contained loads of power, what would you do?

39. Ivan Vanko

  • Appeared In: Iron-Man 2

Ivan Vanko was somebody that was out for revenge, and his issue wasn't so much with "Iron-Man," but with the Stark family as a whole. We're not gonna lie, Vanko was kind of kicking Tony Stark's butt at that race, and we're still not sure how Stark's rival Justin Hammer couldn't have seen Vanko eventually turning against him coming, but alas.

38. The Dweller-in-Darkness

  • Appeared In: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The Dweller-in-Darkness is admittedly not our favorite Marvel villain, but he is a demon (guess that counts for something), and he's Doctor Strange's enemy (guess that also counts for something).

37. Dormammu

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  • Appeared In: Doctor Strange

We'll give Dormammu credit for looking pretty darn cool, but he's just doesn't evoke strong emotions in us the way the other Marvel Villains do.

36. Malekith

  • Appeared In: Thor: The Dark World

And neither does Malekith for that matter. He only appeared in Thor: The Dark World, and we haven't heard from him since 2013. We don't think he's coming back either, but then again stranger things have happened in the MCU.

35. Abomination

  • Appeared In: The Incredible Hulk

Abomination has an interesting origin story as a K.G.B. agent who deliberately exposes himself to the same gamma radiation that transformed Bruce Banner into The Hulk, but he never reaches full Hulk capacity. Like the Wish version of the Incredible Hulk.

34. Yon-Rogg

  • Appeared In: Captain Marvel

Sorry but Yon-Rogg was the most obvious "villain pretending to be the one of good guys ever." He was so easily readable that it wasn't even funny. We'll give him credit for being very powerful and knowing how to use his powers quite well, but we gotta deduct points for being so obvious.

33. Justin Hammer

  • Appeared In: Iron-Man 2

Justin Hammer was kind of obvious too even though his intentions weren't revealed at the beginning. It just seemed something was a bit off, and he was a little too infatuated with Tony Stark. He was also so narcissistic that he failed to see that Vanko was planning to turn against him the whole time. Evil people are always out for themselves, and a fellow evil person should be able to see that.

32. Ayesha

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  • Appeared In: Guardians of the Galaxy

Ayesha is kind of harmless... right? Well maybe it's just her golden goddess persona that has us charmed.

31. Goliath and Ghost

  • Appeared In: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Goliath and Ghost are understandable. They are villains, but only because life sort of forced their hands and they had to be. Plus, it's not so much that they are trying to interfere with what Hank and Hope are doing, it's that they have their own plans they are trying to accomplish, and that is what is causing the interference.

30. Arishem the Judge

  • Appeared In: Eternals

Arishem the Judge wasn't just the powerful antagonist, he pretty much stole the show in Eternals. In fact, Arishem the Judge was the show, and we're standing on that.

29. Kaecilius

  • Appeared In: Doctor Strange

We're really trying to not seem biased against the villains on Doctor Strange but aside from the CGI, makeup, and costumes, they really aren't moving us that much on the Marvel villain spectrum.

28. Thunderbolt Ross

  • Appeared In: The Incredible Hulk

Same thing with Thunderbolt Ross. We're not sure anyone is ranking him super high on the MCU villain list, but maybe it has something to do with The Incredible Hulk not even officially being a Marvel movie and having nothing to do with anything that has happened since 2011 in the MCU.

27. M.O.D.O.K.

  • Appeared In: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

M.O.D.O.K thought he could make a comeback after being given a new life and identity by Kang the Conqueror. M.O.D.O.K stands for Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing, and when you have a name like that, you're considered pretty cool in our book.

26. Yellowjacket

  • Appeared In: Ant-Man

That said, we still like M.O.D.O.K better as Yellowjacket. He was more original.

25. Aldrich Killian

  • Appeared In: Iron-Man 3

First of all, Aldrich Killian doesn't get the credit he deserves. He was brilliant, and his plan of masquerading as the leader of the Mandarin was elusive. Give the man his props.

24. Alexander Pierce

Screen Shot 2023 04 25 at 5.33.49 PM
  • Appeared In: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Alexander Pierce was a cold stone killer. He tried to take out Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, and Steve Rogers all at the same damn time. He also took out most of the members of the World Security Council. Those older guys in perfectly tailored suits have to be watched.

23. Trevor Slattery aka The Mandarin

  • Appeared In: Iron Man 3

Trevor Slattery was living that double life to the fullest wasn't he? His identity reveal as The Mandarin was one of the biggest shockers in the MCU to date.

22. Taskmaster

  • Appeared In: Black Widow

Black Widow is probably one of the hardest MCU movies to watch because her fate was determined long before her solo film ever came out. It's tough to watch something when you already knows how it ends, however Taskmaster did help to make things interesting as the main antagonist. The action scenes were cool as well.

21. Kang the Conqueror

  • Appeared In: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Kang the Conqueror. Not the best MCU villain, but not the worst either.

20. Ulysses Klaue

  • Appeared In: Avengers: Age of UltronBlack Panther

Some know him as Ulysses Klaye. Others know him as Klaw. We know him as "the guy that took the vibranium out of Wakanda."

19. Red Skull

Screen Shot 2023 04 25 at 5.53.40 PM
  • Appeared In: Captain America: The First Avenger

Red Skull possesses superhuman strength, genius level capabilities, insane combat skills and reflexes, and plenty more. Yeah, Red Skull's pretty powerful.

18. Ego

  • Appeared In: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Honestly, we're just here for Kurt Russell. He did an amazing job playing Ego.

17. Winter Soldier

  • Appeared In: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier aka Bucky. Bucky is kind of a crap starter honestly. He's responsible for killing some pretty important people to members of the S.H.I.E.L.D. gang, and he's been wreaking havoc for decades. Sometimes, however, you see flashes of who Bucky used to be, the former best friend of Captain America, and you almost feel sorry for him. That's why we can't completely make him our top ten villain.

16. Obadiah Stane

  • Appeared In: Iron-Man

A deceitful backstabbing traitor. A very unlikeable man.

15. Ultron

  • Appeared In: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Say what you want about Ultron, but he came, saw, and conquered until he was taken down. Careful what you create in a laboratory.

14. Mysterio

Screen Shot 2023 04 25 at 6.13.07 PM
  • Appeared In: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Did Jake Gyllenhaal not absolutely kill this role? He kinda sorta temporarily ruined Spider-Man's life by being messy. Like, flipped his life completely upside down. That takes some power.

13. Gorr the God Butcher

  • Appeared In: Thor: Love and Thunder

We're on record saying that we weren't the biggest fans of Thor: Love and Thunder, but we are a fan of the evil babysitter Gorr the God Butcher.

12. The Grandmaster

  • Appeared In: Thor: Ragnarok

We're also on record saying that Ragnarok is our favorite in the Thor series. The Grandmaster was super evil, but in a majestic kind of way.

11. Helmut Zemo

  • Appeared In: Captain America: Civil War

At the end of the day, Helmut Zemo is just a man who's actions are defined by grief. Not saying that what he does is excusable, just understandable.

10. Vulture

  • Appeared In: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Vulture is a layered character. He's not a good guy by any means, but he has good traits, honesty being among them. What you see is what you get from Vulture. There's no deceit, no pretending, and no lying. He is who he is.

9. Hela

Screen Shot 2023 04 25 at 6.30.15 PM
  • Appeared In: Thor: Ragnarok

Hela was a bad-ass capable of taking out multiple people at one time. Cate Blanchett really brought her to life with a captivating yet ice cold demeanor.

8. Namor

  • Appeared In: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

We get where Namor was coming from in wanting to protect his people, but at the same time we think some of his requests were quite unreasonable. At least he was willing to compromise in the end though.

7. Green Goblin

  • Appeared In: Spider-Man: No Way Home

With No Way Home bringing back every major Spider-Man villain from every iteration, you had to know that the Green Goblin was going to be a part of that mix. One thing's for sure—the Green Goblin is going to Green Goblin—and he's always going to make his presence felt.

6. Dreykov

  • Appeared In: Black Widow

Dreykov is another very unlikeable villain, but you can't deny his impact. You could make the argument that he's the most evil on this list (and certainly the most screwed up). A disturbing fellow for sure.

5. Wanda Maximoff

Screen Shot 2023 04 25 at 6.48.01 PM
  • Appeared In: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Wanda Maximoff is what happens when you have reached the limit and don't have the best control over your emotions ladies and gentleman. Wanda Maximoff is a product of losing it, and boy is she a force.

4. Wenwu

  • Appeared In: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

It's kind of hard not to like Wenwu. He represents everything that you want in a character that you would like to root for—wisdom, leadership, the willingness to sacrifice yourself, and plenty more. The only problem is—he's still a villain. And it sucks.

3. Loki

  • Appeared In: Thor, The Avengers

If we had it our way, we would have picked Loki to be our number one MCU villain because that's our guy, but at the same time we understand how ridiculous it would be to have anyone other than the obvious number one for our top spot. Loki never fails to start some mess, and he's hilarious. At the same time, however, you understand why he has the pent up anger that he does. He was lied to in a pretty big way in regards to his childhood and upbringing, and that is something that can turn anybody bitter. Again not excusing, just understanding.

2. Killmonger

  • Appeared In: Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Admit it—you did cheer when Killmonger made his appearance in Wakanda Forever. Killmonger is another person that has some points to his behavior, but at the same time he is a contradiction. How can you be upset over the injustices that Black people have experienced, but also be so jealous that you want to take your fellow brother out? And the bitterness was still very much there in Wakanda Forever proving that he hasn't changed. Sigh—we don't understand Killmonger, but he is a very exciting character.

1. Thanos

Screen Shot 2023 04 25 at 7.24.12 PM
  • Appeared In: The Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame

Thanos. The Most Powerful. That's all that needs to be said.

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