The 10 Best Movie Theaters In NYC That Any Film Fanatic Needs to Check Out

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New York City has always been a hub of culture. From dramatic performances on Broadway to luxurious musical performances in Madison Square Garden, all the way to the glamour of high culture with the Ballet and the Opera. The city has it all. Everyone knows that New York has great film culture, but not everyone knows where to find it. That said, here are the best movie theaters in NYC.

1. Movies Under the Stars

Location: Parks around the city in all five boroughs

A grand social event in some of the city's most incredible parks, NYC Parks' 'Movies Under the Stars' is one of the great things to return to the city following the pandemic. Weather permitting, families, friends, and solo moviegoers all gather for an unforgettable experience that brings the memories of drive-in theaters of old back to life.

Not to mention the killer selection, ranging from the past year's hottest releases (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Encanto, and Space Jam: A New Legacy), all the way to older favorites like Before Sunrise, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Movies Under the Stars truly has something for everyone and is essential to hit at least once this summer.

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