The 10 Best TV Show Endings, Ranked

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The trouble with really good television shows is that at some point, they have to come to an end. No good program wants to be that show that drags on just a season or so too long until the charm gets lost and the reputation of the show gets tainted. The best TV show endings come at just the right time and with just the right amount of closure.

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It can be sad to see your favorite show, or favorite characters (even these tv legends with the best style) come to an end, but it helps the wound heal faster when you get the proper send off with a well thought-out and fulfilling ending. As a coping mechanism, some of us start searching for the next great show the second the finale ends!

Today we are counting down the best TV show endings that successful tied up all the loose ends. It should go without saying, spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

10. Friends

9. M*A*S*H

8. Parks and Recreation

7. Mad Men

6. Succession

5. Barry

4. Better Call Saul

3. The Wire

2. The Sopranos

1. Breaking Bad

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