The 12 Best Weed Documentaries and Where to Watch Them in 2024

There are some great cannabis docs on Netflix and other streaming services

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Cannabis may seem more popular now than ever, but a lot of people still don’t know much about the plant. Old school propaganda films like Reefer Madness are now comically absurd to most viewers—But the War on Drugs is still a very real and on-going struggle. And disinformation still fuels many stigmas and myths about the cannabis plant and those who use it. But some of the best weed documentaries around are starting to refute some of these longheld beliefs.

As more states in the U.S. and countries around the world shift towards legalization (24 states so far), it’s time for non-believers to recognize that marijuana is a more complex topic than once thought. Lots of people are starting to make a name for themselves in the legalizing space, like NYC's Grand Marshal of Cannabis, Shiest Bubz or these 20 women making a name for themselves in weed.

Things have come a long way from Cheech and Chong, and cannabis lovers from all walks of life are now open to learning more about the science and spirituality behind the plant. Dispensaries like Gotham demonstrate the growing conflation between cannabis and other aspects of lifestyle and wellness.

A few savvy filmmakers have been working to combat the lingering stigma for years.  The result is a treasure trove of informative documentaries about weed and the culture of those who love it, including Netflix bangers, underground classics, and a few gems that even your weed man hasn’t seen yet. Whether you want to learn how to make pot brownies, or how legal cannabis can help solve social inequities, here are the best weed documentaries to watch in 2024. While this article chronicles more serious business, if you're just looking for a movie to watch while high, we've got you there too.

1. ‘Grass Is Greener’ (2019)

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2. VICE’s ‘The Future of Weed: High Country’ (2013) & ‘Weediquette’ (2017)

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3. 'Grass' (1999)

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4. 'Super High Me' (2007)

5. ‘The Culture High’ (2014)

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6. ‘Dimebags to Dispensaries: Street-Dealers to Multi-Million Dollar Weed Startups’ (2016)

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7. ‘Bong Appétit’ (2019)

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8. ‘Breaking Habits’ (2019)

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9. ‘Weed the People’ (2018)

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10. ‘Rolling Papers’ (2015)

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11. ‘The Profit: Marijuana Millions’ (2017)

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12. 'The Legend of 420' (2017)

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