The Past Week In Crypto News (Nov. 24th - Dec. 1st): The adiVerse and More

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Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

Welcome to the latest edition of “The Past Week in Crypto News," a weekly recap of companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals who are beginning to adopt crypto as a payment/work platform. With the crypto industry becoming more and more dynamic, this weekly report is meant to help you stay in the loop. The last few days saw crypto becoming more mainstream, implemented by some of the world’s most prominent organizations across different industries.

1. Adidas is planning to join the metaverse, launches collab with Bored Ape Yacht Club

2. Budweiser launches 1936 beer can NFTs

3. AMC and Sony will gift NFTs to “Spider-Man: No Way Home” ticket buyers

4. The biggest supermarket chain in Croatia to allow payments in crypto

5. Electronics retailer Newegg will accept Shiba as payment

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