Open Dialogue With the Founder & CEO of Bubble, Jessica Young

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An up and coming entrepreneur, Jessica Young is the Founder and CEO of Bubble, a digital marketplace for clean label food based in New York City. Young is a trained chef who attended the French Culinary Institute (ICC) in New York City. After graduating, she started her career at Michelin, Hu Kitchen, and prepared meal kit sets at a startup company.

Before starting BUBBLE, she was employed at Daily Harvest, where she served as head of product and operations. This is where she became known throughout the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry for her ability to spot food trends. Young recently sat down with ONE37pm’s Phil Toronto to discuss the brand standards, why she started the company and launching their in-house vegan version of Nutella.

“We are the go-to for clean label foods shipping directly from brands across the US. So, we have a really tight set of standards on brands that we promote on the platform. Really being that D to C point for brands, so definitely think of AirBNB of heavy foods,” said Young.  

“We do not allow products to sell with us any refined sugars, dyes, and preservatives. That customers have this interface with standards, and that is a lot of that guesswork of what is really in my healthy foods, and from there, they can shop paleo, vegan, and AIP diets. You don’t have to turn the label [on the product] that is a pretty key element for a product to gain that stamp of approval, and they have to pass our taste test as well.”

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