'Good Burger 2' Review: Can Dexter and Ed Save Good Burger Again?

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Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? Who would ever thought that we would see a Good Burger 2? The first film, of course, was released in 1997 as a spin-off of the comedy sketch featured on the Nickelodeon series All That. While at the time of its release Good Burger received mixed reviews from critics, that certainly didn't stop the film from becoming something of late 1990s teen movie classic. Now 26-years later we've have finally gotten the sequel we've deserved for all of these years. If you're anything like us, then you specifically stayed up past midnight to watch the movie as soon as it was available. That means you're reading to talk about the film and its respective ending. If, however, you have not watched the movie yet, please exit stage left and come back when you have because there's going to be some spoilers. Now let's dive into what we just watched in a 'Good Burger 2' review.

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What is 'Good Burger 2' about?

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Even better is the fact that Ed has gone on to have a full family of little "Good Burger replicas," with a beautiful wife and a hot nanny. How he ends up lucky enough to be in the situation, we do not know. That said, Ed's seemingly in a better position than what Dexter currently is, and he's able to pull some strings and get Dex a job at Good Burger. Their first day is super eventful as a lawyer (Lil Rel Howery) for MegaCorp comes in with the request of wanting to turn Good Burger into a franchise, which Ed has been repeatedly denying as he wants things to stay as it is. Also, Dexter's niece is working at Good Burger as well because Dex lost all of her mom's (which we assume is his sister) money from another failed business investment.

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Through the film, we see the "goons" the lawyer sends trying to force Ed into selling ownership of Good Burger so that way they can franchise the restaurant. They fail because Ed is...Ed and ends up almost killing them, but as expected, the investor tries to recruit Dexter to change his mind. It doesn't take too much convincing as Ed automatically agrees since Dexter is his "best friend." They meet with the lawyer at lunch where both Ed and Dex sign a contract to the agreement. Which leads us to our next point—the ending.

Ending of 'Good Burger 2' Explained

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Ed and Dex have been royally screwed over by the lawyer since they didn't read the contract, who while celebrating the franchise extension of Good Burger, announces that he's closing the location, which means everybody's fired. Of course this is an irony as the first film ended with Ed and Dex being deemed the heroes as they saved Good Burger from going out of business, so can they do it again? MegaCorp has been plotting to take over Good Burger as revenge from a failed scheme two decades ago when the owner's brother got arrested for trying to create a knock off Good Burger across the street. Not only that, but the new "Mega Good Burger" has made a robotic restaurant with knock off robotic employees (which includes a robotic Ed that confuses the real Ed) so that they get the "real deal" without having to deal with the burden of having employees calling out, quitting, etc.

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After having their lives almost ended from the evil MegaCorp owner trap them in a car that was intended to kill them, all of the Good Burger employees meet at Ed's house and come up with a plan to "fight for all fast food employees" by getting Good Burger back. How do they plan on achieving that exactly? By destroying the technology that controls of the MegaCorp restaurants on their opening night so that way their restaurants basically fail. They break into the MegaCorp headquarters. They get busted by MegaCorp's owner because...of course right. However, it appears their overall plan worked because Ed reprogrammed all of his "robot Ed's" to "go wacky" at all respective locations (with this happening on national television).

So yes, they do indeed get Good Burger back, and the ending is a happy one.

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