How M3GAN Became a Trending Dance on TikTok

There's a new horror princess in town

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Move over Chucky, there’s a new head honcho in the haunted town and she’s made it clear that she is coming for the number one spot. If you haven’t heard yet her name is M3GAN, and she’s here to kill you all while dancing and looking cute at the same time. Speaking of dancing, has your TikTok For You page been filled with also these videos of people doing the “Megan” dance as well? If so, you are definitely not alone. “Megan”, stylized as M3GAN when referring to the film and character, has caused a lot of commotion these past couple of weeks including becoming one of the top movies of January, dominating TikTok with the M3GAN challenge, and trolling Chucky from their official Twitter account.

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If you have been following our TikTok series then by now you know the drill. We’re going to dive into the background of the M3GAN film and how it came to be a challenge on the app. Let’s get into it.

History of M3GAN

M3GAN’s Commercial Success

M3GAN TikTok Trend

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Now if you’ve seen the movie (or at least the trailer), then you already know there’s a scene in the movie where M3GAN does this slight little dance routine before chasing after an unlucky fellow in the hallway. At first nobody thought that this would be something that would go viral, but as always, TikTok made it happen. Most are choosing to recreate this dance scene fittingly to the tune of Lady Gaga’s 2009 smash “Just Dance” featuring Akon or to Bella Poarch's song "Dolls," but you can honestly use any music that fits the dance moves. Here’s a few of our favorites from some of the creators. 

Will you be getting in on this challenge? Make sure you tune in next week to see what our next TikTok trend is.

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