5 Facts We Learned From the Epic Stan Lee Documentary on Disney+

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If you are a die-hard fan of Stan Lee and anything Marvel related, then you are probably more than aware of the history and development of both into becoming one of the most lucrative entities of the 20th and especially the 21st century. However, for some reason when you are a massive fan of something or somebody, you can never quite get enough of watching every single thing in relation to them, which leads us to the new Stan Lee documentary presented by Marvel that is now available to watch via Disney+, and is chock full of facts about his life.

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Directed by critically-acclaimed director David Gelb, Stan Lee is about the life and times of Stan Lee, and his dominance into becoming one of the most popular creators not just in the comic book realm, but as a popular culture icon as a whole. The documentary is narrated and told by Mr. Stan Lee himself, giving you a glimpse into the man, myth, and legend.

Here's five things we learned and/or had our memory refreshed on from watching the doc.

1. Stan Lee left high school and served in WWII before becoming a legendary creator

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We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve, but sometimes unexpected twists and turns can cause a delay. Lee had to put his hopes and dreams (which even he still didn't know what that fully was) temporarily aside to serve a stint in World War II, which came after dropping out of high school and working for Timely Comics aka Marvel, which saw him performing typical internship/assistant duties such as getting coffee and taking care of errands. One of the men Lee assisted was editor Joe Simon, who was the co-creator of Captain America.

If you pay attention to the comics and even the MCU films, you can catch the many military references, which no doubt is inspired by Lee's time serving.

2. The original idea of 'Spider-Man' was turned down

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Most Stan Lee/Marvel fans know that Lee got the idea of creating Spider-Man from watching not a spider, but a fly, however some may not know that the original idea was turned down by a boss of his because it was thought to be a subject "nobody would care about." Turns out that boss was a wrong in a major way, and Lee still found a method to get some initial attention onto Spider-Man by sneaking it into the final issue of the Amazing Fantasy series.

3. Stan Lee experienced some major burn out

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Upon approaching his 40s, Stan Lee began to experience a burn out working in comics as despite two decades of being in the industry, he still didn't view it as a passion of his during that period of his life. Obviously that was something that changed in the latter decades for him, but perhaps the burn out came because his ideas weren't being taken seriously, and there was so much repetitive/redundant work being done in those years that it seemed like something you would grow to slightly hate—even if you did enjoy it—especially if you're work wasn't being fully appreciated.

4. We don't get the Marvel of today without Joan Lee

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Following up on our previous point—while some may know that Stan's wife Joan stopped him from quitting the industry altogether, others may not fully realize the impact she played in not only helping Stan to stay in the business, but tap back in to his creativity to find joy within his talent and respective job. If Stan quits, the entire course of history gets altered, and we don't get the Marvel of today. That means we have to give Joan her respected due.

5. We could see another special covering Marvel's 1960s run

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While it isn't stated explicitly, it seems to be hinted that in the future we could get something in the form of a documentary/series that specifically highlights Marvel's pivotal run in the 1960s. We'll have to see if this ends up coming to fruition, but it will be very exciting if it does.

Marvel's documentary Stan Lee is now available to watch on Disney+.

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