'The White Lotus' Season 2: The Funniest Lines So Far

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Fabio Lovino / HBO

Warning: Spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 1

What happens when you combine a woman who loves a good macaroon, two frenemy couples, and an 80-year-old man who dabbles in sexual harassment? Well, you get The White Lotus Season 2.

Even though the show is still currently setting the scene for its second season, there has been absolutely zero hesitation regarding the writing of the show. Okay, maybe the writers need to spread the love a little more when it comes to the characters aside from Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya McQuoid, but hey, I'm not complaining: I'll listen to her babble on about fancy desserts and blind nuns any day.

Save for Coolidge and Jon Gries, we've got an entirely new cast for the season, with the latter two picking up with their Season 1 characters of Tanya and Greg Hunt. The only difference? The pair is married now.


And honestly, she deserves better—like, Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) better.

Tanya McQuoid-Hunt (Jennifer Coolidge)

jon gries as greg hunt jennifer coolidge as tanya mcquoid hunt 1

"I was told that the cheese here was made by a blind nun in a basement."

"You're gonna have to get lost."

"What macaroons?"

"I was seeing all of these faces of men with these very effeminate hairstyles, and then I saw you and your eyes were like shark eyes."

"I must've been dissociating."

"I really did only eat three!"

Greg Hunt (Jon Gries)

jon gries as greg
Fabio Lovino / HBO

"You ate all the macaroons, didn't you?"

"It's hot out—I got swamp crotch."

Daphne Sullivan (Meghann Fahy)

meghann fahy as daphne sullivan

"Honestly, Cam and I don't even watch the news anymore."

"I love a good binge."

Harper Spiller (Aubrey Plaza)

aubrey plaza as harper spiller
Francesca D'Angelo / HBO

"They don't vote, Ethan."

"Really? You guys don't take sleeping pills?"

"Is that what happens when you're rich for too long? Your brain just atrophies?"

Cameron Sullivan (Theo James)

meghann fahy theo james
Fabio Lovino / HBO

"Like, I'm just so over the whole news cycle, you know?"

The White Lotus Season 2 airs on HBO every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.

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