Meet Chef Reactions: The Culinary Artist Conquering TikTok, Once Recipe at a Time

(IG: Chefreactions)

There are an infinite number of niche communities on TikTok. Anything you are interested in, no matter how different or bizarre, has someone creating content around it. There are little pockets of communities that can satisfy anyone's interest. Food, however, is a whole different ball game regarding the social media app. 

On one end of the spectrum, you have your Gordon Ramsays, making the hardest food look elementary to make. On the other end of the spectrum, you have content creators who create morbidly bad recipes that shock their audience. 

Sat squarely in the middle of all this is Chef Reactions, a culinary artist who simply just reacts to cooking videos in a monotone voice with a deadpan face… and well... It’s hilarious. Here is how Chef Reactions has taken TikTok and social media by storm.

Who Is Chef Reactions?

Chef Reactions' content consists of him reviewing a food/cooking video while giving commentary and giving it a score out of 10. The earliest of his videos on TikTok go back to May 18th of this year, with his second video on the app eclipsing the 2 million viewer mark. He is closing in on 2 million followers on TikTok and is about to pass the 29 million-like mark across his entire profile. 

What’s most comical and relatable about the content Chef Reactions make is at the end of each video, after he gives a score out of ten, he lets the viewers know if he would eat whatever was just made. Every time, no matter how weird or gross the dish looks, Chef Reactions always seems to give an earnest “I’d try it” at the end of each video.

I hope I can be as fearless in exploring the weird and unknown in the kitchen as Chef Reactions is, but one thing for sure is that I’ll continue to laugh and enjoy the content he puts out. 

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