Rapper Yung Gravy Partners With Jimmy John to Pick the Sweetest "MILF"

A new version of the acronym

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Today is the first day of February and if you haven’t already done the calculations, Valentine's Day is about two weeks away, and Yung Gravy is helping to get you ready for the occasion in case cooking isn’t on the menu for the evening. Here’s the dealio, Yung Gravy and TikTok are releasing a limited-edition new dessert, the Red Velvet Cookie which is a sweet and savory new dessert, but there’s a catch. MILFs (we’re not cursing here, so if you don’t know the meaning of the term Google is going to have to be your friend), are having a viral moment. So leaning into this phenomena, Jimmy John’s is releasing a drama packed “reality” teaser “MILF and Cookies'' where Yung Gravy gets the chance to pick a different kind of MILF, which is…

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Moms I Like to Feed

Okay now back to the cookie.

“We have the opportunity to increase our menu offerings through innovative menu items that we know will delight our guests.Partnering with a true brand fan, like Yung Gravy, to bring this delicious Red Velvet Cookie to the masses in time for Valentine’s Day, just felt like the right thing to do. So, forget the box of chocolates – those looking for something sweet need look no further than their favorite sandwich shop, Jimmy John’s.”

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Freaky Fast Rewards® members will be thrilled to know that a new Achievement Badge, Velvet VIP, can be unlocked within the Jimmy John’s App after purchase of the Red Velvet Cookie, and you can pair red Velvet Cookie with one of Jimmy John’s popular sandwiches, like the #4 Turkey Tom® or #9 Italian Night Club®. And don’t forget, the new cookie joins Jimmy John’s existing dessert line-up, which includes a Chocolate Chip Cookie and an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

Check it out!

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