What is "Rizz?" A Look at the Word That's Been Buzzing on TikTok

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Okay, so we’re coming to you live with another TikTok article to answer a pressing question that has been on everybody’s mind these past few weeks: what is “Rizz?” Don’t worry fellow young millennials and Gen Z’ers, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know so that way when you are randomly having the conversation, and they just so happen to use the word in a sentence, you’ll be able to respond properly. Ready to learn? Let’s get it.

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The Meaning of "Rizz"

Where does "Rizz" come from?

Many believe Rizz to be an abbreviation of "Charisma" by extracting the middle syllable to make it a standalone word. While charisma is certainly part of the notion of "Rizz," the slang word has taken on a bit of a meaning of its own.

What is good rizz?

What is bad rizz?

Why is the term popping up again right now?

Well there you have it! That's “Rizz” guys and gals. Hope this leads you to a great Valentines Day!

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