We're Calling It: 'Zoey 102' Needs to Become a Series ASAP

Paramount+ make it happen!

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We're not sure where Jamie Lynn Spears has been in our comedic lives, but she needs to be in it way more often. In case you haven't heard, the beloved 2000s Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101, is in full reboot form with Zoey 102, and it's a pleasant surprise in a new direction. While it has admittedly been a long time since Zoey 101 was a part of our regular millennial lives (it's been fifteen years since the show ended, and eighteen years since it began), we don't recall Zoey 101 being this...funny. Call it a 1990s baby/2000s tween thing, but Jamie Lynn Spears has that old school comedic quirkiness and timing that's very old school Drew Barrymore/Cameron Diaz-esque. The conclusion of our Zoey 102 review is clear: this needs to become a series.

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And that's precisely one of the reasons why Zoey 102 needs to become a series quick, fast, and in a hurry. In addition to the comedic element, there's several other storylines and directions that could make an official series reboot worth it.

1. Love Fully Charged Is a Show on It's Own

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Love Fully Charged, which can best described as a knockoff of Love Island, is quite chaotic. The Fabio wannabe main character isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but has somehow made it onto television and deep into the competition (because of his looks). Love Fully Charged is so painfully bad that you can't look away.

2. This Ain't 'Zoey 101'

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While there where elements of Zoey 101 that maybe teetered on the edge of "maturity," the show stayed PG13 due to the fact that the cast members were teenagers, its audience was full of tweens and tweens, and that the show itself was on Nickelodeon. Not the case with Zoey 102. While the movie doesn't cross the line into vulgarity, this is very much a movie that is meant for adults with adult references.

The expansion beyond teen/tween approach means that if Zoey 102 were to become a series, it could take the direction that we've seen with the iCarly reboot, but a step further.

3. Zoey's Life is Wildly Entertaining

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Let's admit it—we all love to see a chaotic life. And Zoey definitely has a chaotic life. One that will have you laughing every couple of seconds. And as we said earlier, the comedic chops that Jaime Lynn Spears showcases is super on point. The adventures of Zoey is another direction that can be taken in a show form.

4. The PCA Friendship Group Can Have a New Set of Adventures

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If the PCA bunch were an eclectic group during their teens, their adult iterations are even more eclectic and entertaining. From the karaoke escapades, to murder accusations (yes murder accusations)—there's never a dull moment with this bunch as they are crazier now than what they were fifteen years ago.

5. The Cliffhanger Ending

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Remember those murder accusations we mentioned earlier? Well Zoe's fake actor boyfriend that she hired for the wedding weekend get accused by Stacey Dilsen (who runs a murder podcast with her husband Mark) for fitting the profile of a murderer. Everybody thinks the accusations are off base, but the ending of the film suggests that he is indeed the murderer Stacey accuses him of being. That has to be addressed right?

6. Zoey's Promotion

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Alright so Zoey got the promotion, the double salary, and the office space she wanted. She also got Love Fully Charged its highest ratings ever and has a crazy boss, so what does she do next? You see the possibilities right?

Zoey 102 gets its happy ending (albeit in a unique way), but there's still a lot of unanswered questions that could turn this into a successful series. Paramount+ make it happen!

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