AEW Revolution 2023: Matches and Predictions

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The WWE WrestleMania season might be in full effect, but don't forget about the other side of the wrestling coin. All Elite Wrestling is gearing up for its next major PPV event, Revolution. The uber-talented men and women of the AEW roster are expected to show up and prove their in-ring superiority against their rivals on the big stage at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. As the first AEW PPV to take place in California, fan expectations are extremely high based on the other quality shows the wrestling company has produced in the past. With a marquee main event pitting AEW World Champion MJF against technical in-ring wizard Bryan Danielson, this year's AEW March PPV card should be a good one. Now let's get into this star-studded wrestling card with my AEW Revolution 2023 predictions.

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AEW Revolution 2023 Predictions


Mark Briscoe and Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo) vs. Ari Davari and Varsity Athletes (Tony Nese and Josh Woods)

Preview & Predictions: RIP JAY BRISCOE! Since his unfortunate passing, Jay's brother Mark Briscoe has been competing in his honor on AEW TV. Josh Woods and his fellow Varsity Athletes have been giving him hell since arriving in the company, plus the Lucha Brothers have gotten entangled with "Smart" Mark Sterling's stable as well. Now Mark is linking up with Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo to settle the score with the Varsity Athletes during this Trios Match on the Zero Hour portion of the PPV. This one is super easy to call, ladies and gentlemen - Mark, Fenix, and Penta are going to prevail!

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson) (c) vs. The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews) (AEW World Trios Championship)

Preview & Predictions: DREAM MATCH FULFILLED! Ever since The Elite came out on the winning end of their Best of Seven series with Death Triangle and regained the AEW Trios Championship, I've been hoping and praying for them to run into The House of Black next. Now we're finally getting that six-man war, but the build has definitely been a bit lacking for such a huge matchup. The build only just started three weeks before the PPV itself, which leads me to believe that this feud will really get going once this match concludes. I'm confident that we're gonna get a banger here, but I get the feeling that The Elite will prevail with a shocking roll-up pin that will lead to them getting assaulted post-match to keep things rolling along between both stables.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Starks (The Jericho Appreciation Society are Banned From Ringside)

Preview & Predictions: The booking for this feud has been so strange, hasn't it? Ricky Starks beat Chris Jericho in their first-ever contest, but "The Ocho" ended up getting the last laugh when he and his crew put "Absolute" through a table. Then as the beef between them rolled on, Jericho stuck his head in Starks' business and made life equally hell for his latest rival Action Andretti. I can see how Starks would be angry enough to want Jericho's head once again...but Starks already beat him! Common sense would say Starks would move on at this point, but I guess Jericho has proved to be annoying enough for Starks to want to put him down for good. Man, whatever! I just know, hope, and pray that Starks beats him one more time so we can move on to something more beneficial for Mr. Starks.

Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Ruby Soho vs. Saraya (Three-Way Match for the AEW Women's World Championship)

Preview & Predictions: HAYTE! HAYTE! HAYTE! HAYTE! HAYTE! All praises are due to the current reigning AEW Women's World Champion, Jamie Hayter. Based on the crowd reactions as of late, it seems like she and her longtime bud Britt Baker are in cool babyface mode. On the opposite side of the women's division are the newly heel-turned duo of Saraya and Toni Storm, who have banded together as anti-AEW originals that want to decimate the female OG's of the division.

Smackdab in the middle of all that AEW Originals vs. Outsiders beef is Ruby Soho, who wants no part of that nonsense cause she wants nothing more than the championship Hayter currently has around her waist. Now I'll be honest with you all - Saraya has been hella disappointing in the ring since her AEW debut and I'm hella worried about her stinking up this match with her mere presence. The more Soho and Hayter are in there, the better this match will be. Hayter ain't dropping her prize anytime soon, so she's clearly retaining here.

The Gunns (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) (c) vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) vs. Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett vs. Orange Cassidy and Danhausen (Four-Way Tag Team Match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Preview & Predictions: Not gonna lie, y'all - this is not the match lineup I expected to see for this multi-team affair. I figured my new favorite tag team Aussie Open and FTR would win their respective battle royals and get thrown into the mix with the current champs and the former champs. But alas, the shockingly entertaining duos of Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett and Orange Cassidy and Danhausen have taken up the match's other two participant slots. Just by looking at the lay of the land here, I'm thinking that those two aforementioned teams are here to be played up for laughs. They'll have their impressive in-ring moments, no doubt. But they're gonna produce the funniest moments during this four-way ordeal. The Acclaimed and The Gunns will keep their feud going as they go for each other's throats during the majority of this bout. As for the winner, I'm pointing toward a win for The Gunns when they pull off a sneaky pin on Danhausen.

Christian Cage vs. "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry (The Final Burial)

Preview & Predictions: Christian Cage's shoulder is fully healed and he's back to being an absolute hater toward his former young apprentice. Cage reminds me so much of Reverse Flash in that his whole life is now in opposition to Jungle Boy's success. The dude heard that Jack Perry wants to win a singles title in 2023 and was like "nah, fam...we not havin' that." So now we're finally gonna get the big singles match between Cage and Perry that will bring their lengthy feud to an end. My AEW Revolution 2023 predictions point to this match being one of the better matches of the show and ending with Perry having his hand raised over his biggest enemy to date. Christian is taking a dirt nap here, folks!

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Wardlow (TNT Championship)

Preview & Predictions: Samoa Joe has really been on demon time ever since he clocked Wardlow in the back of the head! The man has taken his former homie's TNT Championship and went so far as to disrespect his deceased father's memory by cutting off Wardlow's ponytail, which was grown as a dedication to his fallen father. Now Wardlow is pissed off to an even higher degree and is dead set on putting down Joe to regain his most prized possession since arriving in AEW.

I know a lotta folks aren't too fond of all the hot potato title switches the TNT Championship has been through as of late. But I totally understand what they're going for here - Joe beat Wardlow and embarrassed him to get him off TV, Darby Allin beat Joe to win the belt & go on a short run of excellence, Joe returned to smash Allin to get his prize back, and now Wardlow is back at 100% to reclaim the TNT Championship and (hopefully) enjoy a much better reign than his first one.

Jon Moxley vs. "Hangman" Adam Page (Texas Death Match)

Preview & Predictions: WE'RE FINALLY AT THE FINALE, FOLKS! And even though I've enjoyed the hard-hitting in-ring affairs Jon Moxley and Adam Page have been engaged in lately, I've been so ready for both men to decimate each other one more time on the PPV stage. Thank the heavens we're getting just that with this Texas Death Match that I'm sure will produce some "color" and put a cap on one of AEW's most intense beefs to date. It's crazy how that accidental knockout situation Page went through has added even more heat to this feud and made it ten times more personal.

Now we've arrived at the point where only one man will be left standing after enough blood is spilled between the both of them. I'm hedging my bets on a major Page win here that'll finally award him with the redemption he's desired since the last loss he suffered at Moxley's hands. With this latest moment of defeat, Moxley will get pushed to the dark side and I forsee the Blackpool Combat Club turning heel right alongside him. My AEW Revolution 2023 predictions are pointing to a Page victory that will push him into a title opportunity and Moxley to the throes of insanity that will spell certain doom for the rest of the AEW roster.

MJF (c) vs. Bryan Danielson (60-Minute Iron Man Match for the AEW World Championship)

Preview & Predictions: MJF has to really go the distance with one of the greatest technical wrestlers fans have ever had the pleasure of watching. Bryan Danielson has put on bangers with the likes of Konosuke Takeshita, Bandido, Brian Cage, and Rush to emerge as the rightful next challenger for MJF's AEW World Championship. And after watching MJF's amazing clash with Takeshita, I'm even more excited to watch him go a full hour to further prove how great of an in-ring competitor he truly is. I'm expecting a 2023 Match of the Year candidate here, ladies and gentlemen!

So here's how I see this match going down - Danielson will nab the first pinfall. Then after that, MJF will get desperate and use a weapon of some kind to incapacitate Danielson. This in turn will cause Danielson to win another fall in his favor due to a disqualification towards MJF, but he'll be weakened enough to the point where MJF will take him out soon after to get his first point on the board. As the match continues, MJF will shockingly find a way to secure another winning pinfall fair and square. At 2-2, MJF and Danielson will thug it out during the final moments of this encounter and have the crowd on the edge of their seats. As the clock winds down, Danielson will have MJF locked in a submission and look to be on the verge of victory.

But MJF will remain resilient and make his way to the ropes to break Danielson's hold. While the ref struggles to get Danielson off of MJF and back him away, MJF will clock Danielson in the head with his ring during all that chaos. And with that, I'll wrap up my AEW Revolution 2023 predictions by choosing MJF as the victor here as he emerges 3-2 over his latest foe.

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