The Best Golf Podcasts to Stream Now

Looking at the best golf podcasts and content creators.

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In the last three years, the entire golf space has skyrocketed. People are playing more than ever before, golf apparel companies are thriving, and golf content has ascended in popularity. With that being said, golf fans are looking to find a podcast that will educate them, make ‘em laugh, and talk about the great game. There are hundreds of great content creators in golf, so if I missed one of your favorites—forgive me! But here is a list of my favorite golf content creators and some of the best golf podcasts you can listen to right now.

11) Honorable Mentions

In the number 11 spot, I would like to use this opening for some honorable mentions that may not qualify for the Top-10. 

James Jordan Golf 

I do not know what it is with James, but I am obsessed with his instructional content. I am not an avid obsessor of the mechanics in a golf swing. I enjoy the feel and mojo of a round. But James has dialed in his teaching in a very fun, unique way. I look forward to the day where my income is a little more stable and I can give this man a call to fix this swing. 

His ability to work with kids is next level. He has become one of the best coaches for kids trying to play college golf. If you are trying to get better at the game, he unloads instructional content to your feed for free. If you want to dive deeper, you can buy his book, "The Plan."

Mulligan Plus 3 Putt 

No, this is not a podcast or long form creator. Sue me. I don’t know who this guy is. I almost want to keep it that way. But wow, has he just figured out Tik Tok. 

Most of the content coming from Mulligan Plus 3 Putt is quick, short form content. If you are casually looking for some relatable golf shots, this is the guy.


Good, clean, competitive, wholesome fun. With the unmistakable southern accent, “BustaJack” is one of the more soothing and calming presences in the golf content space. This duo has got some serious game, but also embrace the mistakes that occur in a competitive setting.

10) Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield is the host of the "Hack it Out" podcast and has been one of the longer standing members in the golf content community. This selection is a bit of a throwback for me, but if you have been consuming golf content long enough then you know who this is.

This is a true and true, a golf purist's dream. Crossfield brings it with every piece of content that he puts out.

9) The First Cut Podcast

CBSSports has really done a remarkable job with its golf coverage. Obviously it helps to have the IP rights and copyright freedom when it comes to The Masters, but even beyond that, they have some of the best work around.

The First Cut podcast is a great example of that. The voices include Kyle Porter, Rick Gehman, and occasionally - Jonathan Coachman. This show lines up with a more traditional coverage of the sport, but it is quality golf discussion.

8) Tour Junkies

Not everyone loves to gamble... but in the golf world, they do.

So when golfers want some good betting content, this is where I send them. The Tour Junkies have a partnership with DraftKings, which is always a plus for me.

It feels like with each and every month, this podcast has found a way to step up its game. If you are watching a majority of the PGA Tour events, I suggest giving these guys a listen! They have one of the best golf podcasts around.

7) Manolo Teaches Golf

This feels like when Shaq was listed as one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players in only his fourth season in the NBA. In about 365 days, Manolo has become one of the most iconic voices and faces in the game of golf.

Yes, he is funny as any creator you will find. That's a no brainer.

But where I think Manolo really separates himself is that he is able to make connections from other sports, to help consumers translate those skills into the great game. In addition, Manolo does an incredible job of just explaining the ettique and rules of the sometimes confusing game.

He hasn't dabbled as much into long form content, but when he does, I have no doubt it will be glorious.

6) Danny Maude

I'm afraid that my list will favor creators who place more emphasis on video content, but I think that makes sense. It is hard for me to consume golf content without envisioning myself hitting the same shot or mimicking a swing.

Danny Maude is one of the first names you will see when you enter the golf video rabbit hole. And it is for good reason. His videos break down different situations on the course, while also providing a lot of free instructional content. Can't ask for much more than that.

5) Golf Sidekick

Stress. Free. Golf.

For Golf Sidekick that is the name of the game. Golf is a hard enough as it is... why do we like to make it harder?

I'd imagine that some people won't find his content to be as detail oriented as some other great teachers like George Gankas. But I find his work to be just as helpful, and perhaps, a little bit easier to consume for the average Joe.

Golf Sidekick produces some incredible full-round video content. He is able to break down club choices, shot decisions, and provides easy ways to chop strokes off of your final score.

Undeniably, one of the golf creators that has helped my game the most.

4) Garret Clark, GM Golf, Good Good

It probably helps when you have the most viral, insane moment in the history of golf recorded for your Youtube channel. 

This group of guys really mastered the youtube platform. When the golf content boom happened, this was the first group to really rise to the top. Obviously this is a very entertaining bunch, but they also have some real players. 

One of the things I appreciate about these groups is the diversity in backgrounds. Garret Glark is the leader. He was the one who exploded onto the scene first with his incredible trick shots. You also have the ex-collegiate golfers like Grant Horvat. But in addition, there are members who come from other sports and are just great athletes who are trying to make that adjustment into golf. Seeing these golfers interact feels very welcoming.

What Garret has built is special. He is a young kid, but don't let that fool you. There is a maturity and authenticity that is palpable in his content.

Check out their podcast here:

3) Rick Sheils

Rick Sheils is probably a founding father when it comes to the golf content game. He’s been at this thing for quite some time and if you have ever gone down a golf rabbit hole on youtube, then you have seen his face and heard his voice. 

When I'm watching Sportscenter with my Dad, during commercials, I hear Rick's voice come from my Dad's phone. Rick has collaborated now with the likes of Tommy Fleetwood, but his video library is outrageous. If you are looking for a golf creator to enjoy, do not look any further than right here.

On any given day, or any given moment, Rick has a claim to the best golf podcast in the game.

2) Fore Play Podcast

This podcast and team has grinded over the last 1000 days to consistently put out quality content. There is no doubt that some people won't find this content to be their cup of tea, but that is OK. Truth be told though, their access is better than any of their competitors. The crew includes the leader “Riggs,” Frankie, Trent, and Lurch. Each of them brings a different perspective and level of experience. 

The podcast took a massive leap when they became official TaylorMade sponsored golfers (that still feels weird to say). Now, they frequently collaborate with the biggest names in golf, bringing that Barstool flare to the interviews and shenanigans. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Barstool vibe, I think Fore Play does a good job of balancing the rowdy banter and genuine excitement. Because of their relationships in the PGA, there is a some level of seriousness that these guys have to keep. 

I think this crew sometimes gets a bad reputation. If they say they are scratch golfers, people would say BS. If they claim to be 20 handicaps, people would say they are sandbagging.

Either way, these guys bring it. Every week, these group provides some of the best golf content in the game. A list of the best golf podcasts would be inaccurate if Fore Play was not included.

1) Robby Berger, Bob Does Sports, Brilliantly Dumb

His name may not ring a bell, but if you spend any time on social media - you know who this guy is.

He's the man who heckles golfers, but in a very polite manner?

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