Michael Jordan's 11 Best Games, Ranked

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Welcome to basketball class. The topic of discussion is Jordan. Michael Jordan. Whether you were fortunate enough to witness the Jordan era in real time, or you’re like myself and arrived too late, if you are reading this article right now, you are very familiar with Michael Jordan’s career. So today, we’re going there. That’s right, we are taking on the difficult task of ranking Michael Jordan’s best games. We’re fully aware that is going to cause some conversation.

And we’re also aware that while some might agree with our choices, others might get passionately fired up. We welcome it. So when it comes to the topic of Jordan’s best games, where do you start? There’s of course the obvious choices (which we’ll get into), but what about the not so obvious ones?

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There’s also the question of game importance. Considering Jordan’s many masterful postseason performances, should a regular season game count? Most importantly, what would Jordan think if he just so happened to stumble upon this article? Would he agree or disagree? What about his teammates? What would they think? Or better yet, what would Steve Kerr think? These are all factors to consider when narrowing M.J’s best games down to just twelve (yes ten). So, guess we better not waste anymore time and get straight to our selections. 

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11. Career High vs Cleveland Cavaliers

10. Jordan’s 55 Against the New York Knicks

9. 54 Points and the Dagger in Game 4 Against the Knicks

8. The Shrug

7. Playoff Career High Against Boston Celtics

6. Jordan vs Kobe

5. Switch Hands Layup During 1991 NBA Finals

4. The Shot

3. Retirement Game

2. Flu Game

1. Final Shot, 1998 NBA Finals

Alright, how did we do? Do you agree or disagree? Make sure to keep up with us for more sports articles and content.

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