The Best Pickleball Gifts for Pickleball Lovers

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Are you looking for the best pickleball gifts for the person in your life who can't get enough of the fastest growing sport in America? Modern day trends come and go, but if there’s one that appears to be here to stay, it's pickleball.

The craze has taken the world by storm and continues to rise in popularity with every given day, and if your friends and loved ones are like anyone else, chances are they are obsessed with pickleball.

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Here, we've compiled a list of gear and equipment that will be perfect to gift the pickleball fanatic in your life, beyond just a simple set of paddles.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag

sling bag
Franklin Sports
  • Price: $30.49

This one’s for those friends that always seem to show up missing that one crucial piece of equipment. The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag has a spot for everything, making each piece of gear easy to keep track of and have on hand at all times. According to reviews, the bag is perfect for everyone from beginners to aspiring pros. It fits up to six paddles and plenty of balls, and has a convenient handle that can be clipped to the fence.

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Pickleball Trivia Game

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  • Price: $19.99

You could practice pickleball all day long, but to be the best, you must know the ins and outs of the sport and its unique rules and strategies. This trivia game will help keep even the most obsessed pickleball fanatic on their toes, and it's a great way for those new to the game to learn about all of the rules. Plus, what better way to pass the time as you’re waiting for your turn on the pickleball court.

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Wilson Portable Pickleball Net System

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  • Price: $185.92

Speaking of waiting for courts, this next gift is the perfect way to make sure that nobody has to wait for an open court ever again. Due to its overwhelming popularity, securing access to a court can be difficult, but this portable pickleball system is the perfect solution that allows you to play anytime, anyplace. The reviews suggest that it's simple to set up and easy to carry.

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Pickleball Ball Retriever

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  • Price: $9.99

The only way to improve your pickleball game is to get in lots and lots of reps. If you’ve ever seen the court after a lesson or practice session, it's covered in pickleballs. This tool allows you to conserve your energy by quickly picking up these balls without having to bend over and fumble around to collect them all. Everyone who has one of these tools loves the convenience of it, and their backs are thanking them!

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Franklin Sports Standard Mesh Back Cooling Hat

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  • Size: $39.99

These cooling hats are worn by many of the professionals. They are designed to be incredibly breathable, and are adjustable to be one size fits all. This hat is not only great for pickleball, but can be worn during all sorts of workouts and errands.

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Franklin Sports Pickleball Sunglasses

pickleball sunglasses
Franklin Sports
  • Price: $29.99

If you didn't know that sunglasses specifically made for pickleball exist, now you do. These glasses are tested and approved by the best in the game, and the perfect gift for your partner who is always blaming the sun being in their eyes as their excuse for whiffing. Not to mention, they bring an intimidating look to the person wearing them!

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