A Conversation With Standout Oregon Commit Chance Gray

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Earlier this week the top-ranked high school basketball players in the country took to the court to showcase their abilities in the annual McDonald’s All-American game. Chance Gray, a 5’9” guard, who will be taking her talents to the University of Oregon this fall, turned heads all weekend with her outstanding play. Gray has a DEEP bag of tricks. She’s capable of stringing together a flurry of dribble moves, has a silky smooth jump shot, and can easily finish at the rim.. At the McDonald’s game this week Gray found most of her success on the three-point line, which may be a sign of things to come next season. We had the opportunity to chat with Chance Gray during media day and here was our conversation.

ONE37pm: You were able to play last season with your father Carlton and sister Amber on the coaching staff. What did that mean to you to have them right there on the sidelines for every game?

Chance: It meant a lot to me just because those are the people who inspired me and taught me the game. My dad has pretty much been my coach since I started training, and my sister was a McDonald’s All-American. Just to follow after them and be able to be coached by them, it was the best feeling for my last season.   

ONE37pm: Your sister Amber was a former McDonald’s All-American, what kind of things have you been able to learn from her and her experience as she’s already been through the circuit of high school basketball?

Chance: She's taught me a lot mostly on the mental side. Just to stay in it, stay focused and don’t get distracted by outside things. Just to keep myself going through the ups and downs, especially times with my dad or anything like that, so she definitely inspires me. 

ONE37pm: Your former AAU teammate at Sports City U and fellow McDonald All-American Grace VanSlooten is also committed to the University of Oregon. What does that mean to have someone familiar with you and your style of play also attending Oregon next year?

Chance: Me and Grace bonded right from the jump. We've been playing AAU with each other for three years, now another four years at Oregon together next year. She’s definitely someone I knew I wanted to play with in college. Great person on and off the court. We bond well. She's really funny, we have our little inside jokes, so she’s a really cool person to be around and I'm really glad I get to spend four years with her. 

ONE37pm: I know that you have plans on pursuing law school in the future, what has it been like trying to balance basketball with academics?

Chance: My parents embedded the student comes first in student-athlete just from the start when I was younger. It’s gotten easier as I’ve gone on and gotten older just to stay organized and stay focused. I’m gonna major in English and probably attend law school after.

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