The Fastest F1 Pitstop Ever Recorded

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There are some incredible pit crews, but what's the fastest F1 pitstop ever recorded? Lights out and away we go... Let's get in to it!

Formula 1, more commonly referred to as F1 is the most popular motor racing sport in the world. The drivers and tour itself travels the world to race at some of the most innovative and expensive tracks that exist. There may be a lot of money involved, but most drivers aren't in it for the cash... they are in it for the glory of the drivers championship!

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When it comes to racing, the margins are razor thin. Mere milliseconds can turn a last place finish into a first place finish, and vice-versa. Not only does a driver have to have all the intangibles to be a great driver, they need the right team around them. F1 teams are made up of various different technical and race-day members who fine tune the car and game plan of the driver. Most important is the pit crew, who are changing tires and refueling cars in supersonic speed.

Here are the five fastest pit stops in F1 history:

1. Max Verstappen: 1.82 seconds

2. Max Verstappen: 1.86 seconds

3. Alex Albon: 1.86 seconds

4. Max Verstappen: 1.88 seconds

5. Sergio Perez: 1.90 seconds

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