Who Has The Most F1 Podium Finishes?

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So you're wondering which F1 drivers have the most podium finishes of all-time? We've got you covered!

In Formula 1 (F1), a podium finish refers to a driver or team finishing a race in one of the top three positions. When a driver finishes in the top three, they are invited to stand on the podium during the post-race ceremony to receive their trophies and celebrate their achievement.

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The order of the podium finish is determined by the driver or team that finishes first, second, and third in a Grand Prix race. The driver who finishes in first place stands on the center spot of the podium, while the second and third-place drivers stand on either side.

A podium finish is highly coveted in F1 as it signifies a successful race performance and often comes with significant championship points. It is a recognition of the driver or team's skill, strategy, and competitiveness in the race.

Here are the F1 drivers with the most podium finishes.

1. Lewis Hamilton - 192 Podium Finishes

2. Michael Schumacher - 155 Podium Finishes

3. Sebastian Vettel - 122 Podium Finishes

4. Alain Prost - 106 Podium Finishes

5. Kimi Räikkönen - 103 Podium Finishes

6. Fernando Alonso - 102 Podium Finishes

7. Max Verstappen - 82 Podium Finishes

8. Ayrton Senna - 80 Podium Finishes

9. Rubens Barrichello - 68 Podium Finishes

10. Valtteri Bottas - 67 Podium Finishes

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