The 10 Biggest March Madness Upsets in NCAA History

These 10 bracket busters likely ruined your office pool

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If you say you only watch college basketball championships to support your team and not because you're secretly rooting for a Cinderella story that will go down as one of the biggest March Madness upsets in NCAA history, let's be real... you're lying just a little. In March Madness, a Cinderella story refers to a team that is not expected to perform well in the tournament but ends up defying the odds and achieving unexpected success. These are typically lower-seeded teams that defeat higher-seeded teams, often in thrilling and dramatic fashion.

As fun as it is to watch powerhouse teams with a roster of elite players, Cinderella stories in the NCAA Tournament have become a tradition and a source of excitement for college basketball fans. Some of the most famous bracket busters ever include the 1985 Villanova Wildcats, who won the national championship as a #8 seed, and the 2011 VCU Rams, who made it to the Final Four as a #11 seed.

Without further ado, here are all of the biggest March Madness upsets of all-time.

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All facts and statistics from SportsReference.

1. #16 UMBC over #1 Virginia

2. #16 Fairleigh Dickinson University over #1 Purdue

3. #15 Lehigh over #2 Duke

4. #15 St. Peters over #2 Kentucky

5. #15 Middle Tennessee over #2 Michigan State

6. #15 Santa Clara over #2 Arizona

7. #15 Richmond over #2 Syracuse

8. #15 Florida Gulf Coast over #2 Georgetown

9. #15 Oral Roberts over #2 Ohio State

10. #15 Princeton over #2 Arizona

Which of these biggest March Madness upsets was most memorable for you? Shoot us a message on Twitter @137pm and let us know your story of where you were watching some of these shocking results!

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