Mojo Sports Adds NBA Players to their Stock Market

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In mid-2021 an idea spawned: what if there was a stock market for athletes? A platform where you could stake athletes you believed in and if they performed well in real time, you'd be rewarded with earnings. That idea has manifested itself into Mojo Sports, the premier platform for staking athletes.

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What started as a market for NFL players has now evolved with the newest addition of NBA players. Mojo has added over 100 of the NBA's best to their app, allowing fans to diverse their portfolio across multiple leagues.

How Does Mojo Work?

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Mojo allows you to invest in your favorite NFL and NBA players by staking shares in them. Each player’s market price moves based on their in-game performances.

For instance, every 10 yards or 1st down that the player is a part of, the price increases by $0.01. For every touchdown or 40+ yard play, the price increases by $0.02. Things such as turnovers or sacks will lead to a decrease in the players share price. 

"Mojo Value" is based on ten key statistical categories that are individually weighted: $+1.00 per 100 Points, $+0.50 per 100 Rebounds, $+0.75 per 100 Assists, $+1.25 per 100 Steals, $+1.25 per 100 Blocks, $+0.50 per 100 3-Point Shots Made, $0.25 per Plus/Minus, $-1.25 per 100 Turnovers, $-0.50 per Missed Field Goal, and $-1.00 per 100 Free Throws Missed.

Mojo uses the career stats of every NFL and NBA player to determine what a future share price might be for a player once they retire. For example, LeBron James has banked $474.66 through his statistics thus far in his career. He is projected to add another $41.75 worth of stats, which would put him at $516.41 at the end of his career. If you had a share of LeBron James on the mojo app when he retires, you will be paid out whatever the price of his stock is at when he retires.

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NBA Players To Look For

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Based on Mojo Value, LeBron James is the highest priced NBA player dating back to 1980. His current share price is $516.41. The top five players currently available on the market also include: Kevin Durant ($392.38), Giannis Antetokounmpo ($381.07), Luka Doncic ($373.26) and Nikola Jokic ($355.40).

Mojo Sports has the opportunity to distance itself as the premier stock market for athletes, and introducing NBA players was the next step.

If Mojo can continue to add more diverse athletes to their platform, the sky is the limit for this innovative new way to play.

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