The Most Points In An NBA Finals Game: Clutch Buckets

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Are you wondering who scored the most points in an NBA Finals game? Let's talk about it!

In basketball, there are a lot of ways to make an impact. You can be a big-man who blocks shots and grabs rebounds, or a guard who dishes out assists. Sometimes we see a player who has all the tools to dominate all aspects of the game putting up triple doubles.

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The NBAs biggest stage is undeniably the NBA Finals, the annual championship round matching up the best of the West and the beast of the East. There have been some incredible performances with banners and rings on the line throughout the years. These are the five players with the most points in an NBA finals game.

1. Elgin Baylor: 61 Points

2. Michael Jordan: 55 Points

3. Rick Barry: 55 Points

4. Jerry West: 53 Points

5. LeBron James: 51 Points

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