Which NHL Team Has The Most Stanley Cups? Your Definitive List

Which hockey franchises have lifted Lord Stanley the most?

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There might not be a more electric scene than seeing a team "skate the cup" after winning an NHL championship, but do you know which team has hoisted the most Stanley Cups in NHL history? We have you covered. And if you want a list of every NHL champion over the years, check this out.

Every professional sports league has a championship trophy with a distinct name. The NFL has the Lombardi trophy, the NBA the Larry O'Brien trophy, and even new leagues like Major League Pickleball has the Pritchard Cup. However, no trophy is as distinct and iconic as the NHL's Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup is awarded annually to the winner of the NHL playoffs and is possibly the most sought after piece of hardware in sports. In a league with so many competitive teams, it often comes down to the wire with the very best players coming through in the clutch. Here are the teams with the most Stanley Cups throughout the NHL's robust history.

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Who has the most Stanley Cups?

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1. Montreal Canadiens - 24 Stanley Cups

2. Toronto Maple Leafs - 13 Stanley Cups

3. Detroit Red Wings - 11 Stanley Cups

T-4. Boston Bruins - 6 Stanley Cups

T-4. Chicago Blackhawks - 6 Stanley Cups

T-6. Edmonton Oilers - 5 Stanley Cups

T-6. Pittsburgh Penguins - 5 Stanley Cups

T-8. New York Islanders - 4 Stanley Cups

T-8. New York Rangers - 4 Stanley Cups

T-10. Colorado Avalanche - 3 Stanley Cups

T-10. New Jersey Devils - 3 Stanley Cups

T-10. Tampa Bay Lightning - 3 Stanley Cups

T-13. Philadelphia Flyers - 2 Stanley Cups

T-13. Los Angeles Kings - 2 Stanley Cups

Teams With One Stanley Cup

Teams That Have Never Won A Stanley Cup

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